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a protein that makes up finger and toenails

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What is a sheep's horn made of?

Wouldn't it be karatin like finger nails?

Do porcupine quills dissolve?

All organic materials disolve. Porcupinne quills are made from a protienn called karatin and protiens usually disolve.

Area where weblike pre-karatin filaments first appear?

stratum spinosum

Where in the cell is protein made?

Protein is made in the ribosome.

Are amino acids made of protein?

Protein is made of amino acids.

Is polysaccharide made of protein?

A polysaccharide is a carbohydrate. It is not made of protein but of monosaccharides.

How does DNA get made into a protein?

DNA doesn't get made into protein. DNA contains a code that directs protein synthesis.

What are spindle fibers made of?

protein protein

Are ribosomes made out of Trna and protein?

No. Ribosomes are made up of rRNA and protein.

What is the protein coat made of?

A protein coat is generally called a capsid, and is made up of proteins. This protein is called capsomers.

What is the muscle made up of?

it is made of fiberous protein e.g. elastin protein fibers

What 11 letter word is made of protein and DNA?

Chromosomes are made of protein and DNA.

Where are new protein molecules made?

New protein molecules are made in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Do feathers have protein?

Yes they are made from Keratin Protein

Is there DNA in protein?

No, protein does not contain DNA. Protein is made up of amino acids.

What is protein and how is it made?

Protein is a biomolecule made up of functional units known as amino acids.

Summarize the process by which DNA is made in a protein?

The process by which DNA is made in a protein is called translation.

What two types of body tissues are made from protein?


Baggage tags are made of this kind of protein?

Marker Protein.

What are the channels in facilitated diffusion made of?

Protein. It is a protein channel.

What is textured vegetable protein is usually made of?

Textured vegetable protein is typically made from processed soybean meal. Soybeans are very high in protein.

What are ribosome made of?

made of protein and RNA

What are protein plans?

Protein is in plants becasue a plant is made up of different protein bases.

Are surface protein receptors protein?

Yes, surface receptors are made of protein units in cells.

Is egg in protein?

Eggs contain protein but not all protein is made of eggs.