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It's when your body starts to mature sexually.

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Does gay guys get through pubirty?

YES all guys go through pubirty

Why is your voice changing?


Dose pubirty get rid of belly bumps?


Can kids get pregant?

yes only if they hit pubirty

Is prodigy from mindless behavior going through pubirty?


What happens when a girl who hasn't gone through pubirty has sex?

She cant get pregnant

What signs show that pubirty starts?

Usually around the age of 13 or 14.

How hormones can be used to prevent conception for example the contraceptive pill?

hit pubirty

What changes in their body for girl in pubirty?

Breast development, hair growth, vaginal mucus, etc.

When does a boy hit pubirty?

im 12 and i starting to hit puberty but idk when my voice will start to change

Can a 12 year old boy hit pubirty?

Yes - the average age range for starting is 11 onwards

When did Justin Bieber get a sore throat?

he gets them pritty often... He's going through pubirty right now so the sress is changing his vocals.

How do you come to know that girls become major?

i know it might sound weird but it is pubirty witch everybody goes through so dont wory about it Peace

Does muscle building in any way stunt growth?

no but unless you are 16-18 or you are still growing and going though pubirty then dont over work yourself

How much should an average 4 ft 8 11 year old weigh?

you shouldnt worry its just baby fat once you hit pubirty you will be fine

What are the pimple looking things on nipples?

nobody really knows but both men and women have them on their nipples. they've been there since birth. they just get noticed more as you get older and go through pubirty. even animals have them!

What could it mean if your breasts have all of a sudden become harder and it now hurts when even lightly pressed against they feel heavier then usual but the have not got any bigger?

ur gettin threw pubirty maybe lol

How do you get a boyfriend or girlfriend when you are ugly?

Look i bet ur not ugly just going thrue pubirty and stuff dont worry, be strong , and love will come. and even if you are ugly its whats on the inside that counts. i bet u r beutiful though

How tall will a 4 foot 10 12 year old boy be?

4 foot 10 i have a doctors degree at harvord university and from this data i can say that you will be at least 6 feet tall but i do not know when all i know is that it will probably be during your pubirty stage.

Should you do weights at the age of 15 and at the height of 5 feet and 8 inches?

if you have stop growing and chaning (pubirty) then go ahead if you have not stopped growing and changing then take it easy get a good work out but dont strain your self to the point were you are not sure if you can do another one

When does pubirty start?

It starts at different times for everyone. For girls it usually starts earlier than guy. Also, some people start puberty in different ways ask well as sooner or later. For example, you might start puberty by (if your a guy) becoming taller, but your friend starts by his thing getting bigger (not that guys normally talk about that). That's perfectaly normal.

What is a girls period?

It is actually a way of life and shows that you are now a young lady It shows that you are going through pubirty also It happens every 21 days and last up to 3-5 days this is something every girl goes through dont be embarressed its something special for every little lady on earth dont worry its perfectly normal in like what 3 chicks?

What role do accessory organs such as sweat glands and sebaceous glands play in the skin?

glands are not organs. Sebaceuos glands remove fat from body and only activate during pubirty these glands also remove toxins and cool the bosy off. Sweat glands secrete toxins through sweat and cool body as well these are activated in the body after birth these do not stink because there is no fat in the sweat.

Should you wear a training bra?

During Puberty? Yes, sometimes your mom will buy u one befor pubirty depending on your breasts, if ur breasts start to devlope, then u need a training bra/cup bra ALWAYS WEAR A TANKTOP UNDER NEATH THIN SHIRTS!!! If you dont people can see your nipples or whatever, Some people are afraid to have a bra, others excited to have big boobies! Its normal, ANWSER: BUY THE BRA!

Why do girls live a much easier life than boys?

I am a girl, and I would have to disagree with this! Boys "choose" their life style, they make their lives difficult. Girls go through their period phase... every month for 3-5 days, yes boys go through pubirty ONCE.Girls birth and take care of children, while boys can just relax and enjoy their life.. The one who is always expected to b there is the girl. Now what about a girls life seems so easy?

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