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dhooma shakata nilayamu (in olden days when engine runs on coal)

vidyutshakata nilayamu (now a days where engine runs using electricity)

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Dhumashakata agamana nigamana kshetramu

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Q: What is railway station called in Telugu?
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What is railway station called in Hindi?

Railway station is called "रेलवे स्टेशन" in Hindi.

What is the head of a railway station called?

Station Master is generally known as head of a railway station. Source -

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Which is the biggest railway station in kerala?

It is called the Shornur.

What is distance from karjat railway station to panvel railway station?

Distance from Karjat Railway station to Panvel Railway station is 24 Kms by train and about 20 Kms by road.

Which country in Asia which has no railway station?

Afganistan has no railway station

What is meaning railway station in gujarati luanguage?

railway station

When did Bowes railway station end?

Bowes railway station ended in 1962.

When was Bowes railway station created?

Bowes railway station was created in 1861.

When was Bitterne railway station created?

Bitterne railway station was created in 1866.

When was Elsted railway station created?

Elsted railway station was created in 1864.