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Raw, unfinished cotton is the term used for cotton which has just been removed from the plant. It looks similar to cotton balls.

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What are the raw material of cotton?

Cotton is the raw material for all things made from cotton.

Does raw cotton come before or after it goes through the cotton gin?

"Raw" cotton means cotton that is unginned.

What is the raw material for cotton products?

The raw material for cotton products is cotton, which grows on a bush.

How do you clean raw cotton?

you clean raw cotton with take it to the gin.

What is the raw material of cotton?


Is a cotton plant a raw material for cotton?

The cotton boll that contains the cotton fibres is raw material for cotton products. The remainder of the shrub is the plant's support system.

What raw materials is cotton made from?


What does the cotton mill do?

The cotton mill turns raw cotton into yarn or thread by cleaning the raw material, processing it and spinning it.

What is cottons raw material?

Cotton's raw material is cotton lint from inside the cotton boll grown on the cotton bush.

What is cotton mad of?

Cotton is made of raw cotton fibre which grows in cotton plants.

What is raw cotton?

Raw cotton is cotton straight off the plant. Cotton grows on a bushy type of plant that is planted each spring. The plant has flowers on it that become cotton bolls. In the fall the plant is killed , so the cotton can be picked. The bolls open and you have raw unprocessed cotton. A cotton picker goes through the field and gets the raw cotton off of the dead stems. It takes about 3 times before the field is cleaned. The picked cotton is put into big trailers and taken to a cotton gin where the seeds are removed and packed into bales. Raw cotton is dense and can itch when you touch it.

What invention helped to clean raw cotton?

The Cotton Gin

What are the main raw material of cotton spinning?

Cotton fiber

What are the raw materials used for making cotton clothes?

cotton is a raw material it is mainly grown in china or Pakistan but due to floods there the price in cotton has risen

Is cotton evergreen?

No. Cotton is a busy plant that when the cotton bolls open it is killed off to get the raw cotton. This time of year a spray is used to kill the plant and then cotton picker machines go through the fields to pick the raw cotton.

What raw materials are in a cotton blanket?

An all-cotton blanket would be made from cotton fibres.

What is the raw material for clothes?

It is made from raw material because it is made from cotton

How does cellulose gives cotton its strength?

Cellulose is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. It has amazingly strong fibres, so i used to make Cotton. Raw Cotton is is 91% Cellulose so Raw Cotton is strong aswell.

Where is cotton made from?

Raw cotton -- cotton lint from the seed boll -- is grown on bushes in sub-tropical geographies.

What are the raw materials in a football and how is it processed?


How is the cotton on swabs different from the cotton in clothes?

The differences are in the fabrication of the raw cotton lint into absorbent cotton for swabs and spun cotton that is woven into fabric for clothing.

What is a raw edge in sewing?

A raw edge is the edge of a fabric that hasn't been finished. On a woven fabric, the raw edge can unravel or fray. Raw edges are usually finished with a serger, or sometimes left raw for an unfinished or deconstructed look.

Why did the invention of the cotton gin lead to a boom and cotton Production?

It made possible the cheap and fast processing of raw cotton into cotton fiber.

What is the Raw material used in manufacturing of cotton cloth?

It is the seed heads of the cotton plant.

What is the business called where raw cotton was turned into usable thread and cloth?

cotton mill

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