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What is rdbms?

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Rdbms stands for Relational database management system.It uses tables(relations) for storing the data.In mathematical terms these tables are called relations.

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Is foxpro a rdbms?

yes it is a rdbms

What are the application of RDBMS?

what is rdbms and its application

What is the application of RDBMs?

What is the application of rdbms

Uses of rdbms?

what is the use of queues in rdbms

Is Microsoft sql server dbms or rdbms?


What are advantages of rdbms over dbms?

advantage of rdbms over dbms

What are the different types of database management systems?

1. relational database management system(RDBMS) 2. object Rdbms. 1. relational database management system(RDBMS) 2. object Rdbms.

What are the advantages of rdbms over dbms?

The main advantage of an RDBMS is that it checks for referential integrity

Write a short note on oracle-rdbms?

ddssd sdssd fdreuuu m

What are the subject topic for rdbms?

RDBMS is all about Relational Data Base Management System...

What is object rdbms?

An Object RDBMS is a relational database and it is part of an object-relational database. AN RDBMS might involve SQL statements with functions and user-defined data-types.

Is Fox Pro dbms or rdbms and why?

every rdbms is a of a standard there is a criteria for any prog. lang. to become rdbms. this is defined in codds 12 rules. this all together if satisfied then any prog lang can be said to be a rdbms. but in practice we come across many examples where a prog lang is not rdbms but still provide relational database very often. ex foxpro is not rdbms because it does not satisfy one of the codds 12 rule i.e. of defining a foreign key. in foxpro you cannot define a foreign key. but since it has tables in it and can provide relations we can term foxpro as pseudo rdbms(partial rdbms)..........

What are the major Components in an RDBMS?

1. RDBMS Server 2. User tables 3. Data dictionary

Which is basically an RDBMS in which object oriented features are implemented?

which is basically an RDBMS in which object oriented feature are implemented


No it is an RDBMS.

What is an RDBMS table?


Who is the father of RDBMS?


Difference between dbms and rdbms?

dbms is support normalization process.. rdbms support does not support normalization process

Can ms-acess is RDBMS?

MS access is a software application. You can create RDBMS in MS Access also.

What is MPP based RDBMS?

RDBMS is short for Relational database management system . RDBMS defines relationship between the tables . MPP stands for massive parallel processing and in RDBMS MPP refers to the processing of several table ,that are in relation with one another together.

Where is RDBMS used?

firstly what is database, a collection of information in called data and collection of data is known as database. data stores in the form of tabels and in the RDBMS two or more tables hold a relation. they allow fragmentation of the data(fragment of rows or columns for tables). RDBMS consists 14 cord's rules for RDBMS, there are no any RDBMS which are follow the cord's rules. RDBMS is used in Banking system,Airline ,Railway reservation sytem or where we take information from two or more tables. the distributed form of database must be RDBMS. Sohrab Hamid Siddiqui(CMC, noida, india)

When dbms becomes rdbms?

A DBMS becomes an RDBMS when the data contained in its tables are related to one another by referential integrity rules. DBMS - Database Management System RDBMS - Relational Database Management System

Which was the first commercial RDBMS?

The first commercial RDBMS was created by IBM and was called the SQL/DS. It was originally released in 1981. RDBMS stands for relational database management system which later became operating systems.

Compare oodbms with rdbms?

RDBMS have been around for more than 20 years, OODBMS are relatively new. 1. RDBMS can handle >1010 records, OODBMS up to 107. 2. OODBM good for storing complex descriptions (e.g., a plant schematic), RDMSs appropriate for simple, "flat" data. 3. RDBMS control the DB market (>90%), OODBMS own <5% of the market. 4. Most commercial RDBMS come with an "Object-Relational" extension which implements an object database on top of a RDBMS.

How does a DBMS differ from RDBMS?

A database is to store data efficiently. DBMS is Database management system and RDBMS is Relational database management system which gives relation between every table. It (RDBMS) also follows codds rules.