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It means trying to understand the deeper meaning of literature rather thatn just the written words.

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Q: What is reading between the lines?
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What is implicit policy?

That is not written. You understand by reading "between the lines".

Is reading between the lines coming back on BET?


What is an example of ''reading between the lines''?

If you asked someone a question, expecting a certain answer, but they seem reluctant to give you any answer, you might be said to be "reading between the lines" to determine their honest answer.

What is reading the lines?

You probably mean "reading between the lines." This means looking for non-literal meaning.For example, if you asked someone to dinner and she said, "Thanks, but I have to wash my car this evening," you could read between the lines and realize that she probably didn't want to come to dinner with you.

What does it mean to read between the lines when reading Shakespeare's poems?

look for a different meaning.

What are the release dates for The Ellen Burstyn Show - 1986 Reading Between the Lines 1-7?

The Ellen Burstyn Show - 1986 Reading Between the Lines 1-7 was released on: USA: 8 November 1986

What is it called when you look at the words surrounding the unknown word to get a hint of the meaning?

Reading between the lines.

What word means to get facts or contexts to figure out what is being implied by reading between the lines?

It means infer your welcome

What is the answer to the brain teaser Trheealdiinnegs?

Reading between the lines

Why is reading considered art and science?

Reading can be considered both an art and a science. It is a science because it uses the eyes and brain to process information. It is an art because it involves reading comprehension, paying attention, and reading between the lines to find meaning.

When reading Shakespeare's poems or plays it is essential to read between the lines in other words you should do what?

Look for a different meaning

When reading Shakespere's poems or plays it is essential to read between the lines in other words you should?

Look for a different meaning.

How can an actor learn lines in play production?

keep reading over it out loud and have someone reading your paper to make sure you have the lines right

What has the author Marsha Howard written?

Marsha Howard has written: 'Reading between the lines' -- subject(s): Forums (Discussion and debate)

What is the study of space and lines?

The study of shapes and lines is called geometry. Thanks for reading!

If yyy men is equal to 3 wise men what is equal to reading?

r/e/a/d/i/n/g = read between the lines

What is reading beyond the lines?

It means reading and thinking about questions that aren't obvious in the book and/or article. For example; Questions about the the future (in the reading).

What is the meaning of reading the lines?

If you are referring to the phrase "read between the lines" it can mean a number of things. The first, and most used in a literary context, is that when someone asks you to "read between the lines" they are asking you to look beyond the first impression, and search for deeper meaning. The second is used in a negative and rude way, where if someone raises their pointer, middle, and ring finger at you, and asks you to "read between the lines" they are demanding that you look at their middle finger, between the other two fingers (lines). This is then an abusive gesture.

What are hand readings?

They are also called 'palm readings'. Nobody takes them very seriously anymore, but it's the 'art' of reading the lines in the palm of your hand. Google 'palm reading' and you will find out everything about life lines, love lines and career lines . Good fun.

What is the study of lines in the palms called?

palm reading-ology!

What degrees are between the lines of latitude?

Lines of Longitude lie between lines of Latitude, and vice versa.

You can't run between the lines. by rehana?

You can't run between the lines. By Rehana You can't run between the lines. By rehana

What are implicit themes?

An implicit theme is a little harder to find in a story. It could be a theme that comes to you while reading or it's hidden in between the lines of the book

When was Seen Between the Lines created?

Seen Between the Lines was created in 1990.

When was Between the Lines Books created?

Between the Lines Books was created in 1977.