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The man made a coffle of all his dogs on the path. This is an example of coffle in sentence.

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Coffle these three together.

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Q: What is really a good sentence for coffle?
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What is a coffle?

A coffle is a group of slaves chained together.

What goes on in a coffle?

In a coffle, animals or slaves are chained together and are forced to walk in a line. In a coffle of slaves, they're often not allowed to talk and must have their hands bound. A coffle is more commonly seen in many pictures of slaves during the early years of the United states.

What is a slave coffle?

made out of slaves

What happened in a coffle?

In a coffle, enslaved individuals were chained or tied together in a line and forced to march long distances to their destination. This dehumanizing practice was commonly used during the transatlantic slave trade in order to transport enslaved people from one location to another. The conditions during a coffle were often brutal and many individuals suffered from exhaustion, malnutrition, and abuse.

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What is the meaning of the word coffle and what is it?

group of animals, prisoners, or slaves chained together in a line.

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