Middle Ages

What is rebirth called?

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it is renaissance :)

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Why are the Middle Ages called the rebirth?

The Middle Ages are not the rebirth. The rebirth is the Renaissance.

The Renaissance is often called the rebirth of the science of medicine.?

Yes is called the rebirth of the science of medicine

What is rebirth in India called?

The Hindi term for rebirth is Punar Janam.

Why do you think it is called rebirth of freedom?

Among the stories that you gave. What is your favorite stories and

What was the rebirth after the Middle Ages called?

The age that chose to call itself the rebirth was the Renaissance.

What is The rebirth of interest in classical Greek and Roman ideas is called?

Renaissance. It means "rebirth "

What is the cycle of death and rebirth called?


What is Lil Wayne's latest album called?

REBIRTH is the latest . carter , carter II , carter III, no celing , REBIRTH

What is Lil Wayne's rock album called?


What is Lil Waynes last album called?

The Rebirth. (:

Why is renaissance called that?

In French the word means rebirth.

What was the time period of rebirth in Europe called?


What is the rebirth of a soul in a new body called?

A fiction.

Is there a crossword called they called it rebirth?

yes i am trying to find out the answers in class

Why was the Renaissance era called the age of rebirth?

Because someone bothered to translate "renaissance" into English. "Rebirth" is the literal meaning of the word.

What was the rebirth of art and literature after the dark ages called?


The rebirth of interest in Ancient Greece and Rome was called the what?

The Renaissance.

What was the rebirth of African Americans culture in the 1920s called?

Harlem Renaissance

What is the 'age of rebirth of learning' in Europe called?


What was the cultural rebirth in New York City called?

Harlem Renaissance

Renaissance brought a new interest in what?

Renaissance is nothing but REBIRTH. Otherwise called as REVIVAL OF LEARNING AND CULTURE (cultural rebirth) Renaissance brought back interest in art, literature, basically learning in general. and yeah renaissance does mean rebirth (:

What is the level called in black ops where you wear the nova 6 suit?


What is the name given to the Hindu cycle of life death and rebirth?

it is called reincarnation

Was the period when there was a rebirth of interest in learning and art called the reformation?

403 b.C.

Why do you call it a Renaissance?

It is called the renaissance, because "renaissance" just means rebirth.