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To re-express or confirm the theme (thought of philosophy) that the writer wishes to convey. This desire to re-express may be because the writer wishes to impress it upon the reader to the point of the dumbest one finally comprehending it - or just for the joy of doing so.
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What is a recurring theme of a book?

A recurring theme is an idea (really, a statement about the human condition) that presents itself more than once in a book, a genre, or an entire culture. For instance, a recu

What are the recurring themes in the twilight series?

\n . Love can come unexpectedly.\n . True friends will agree to disagree with your other friends whom they might not get along with.\n . Family will always be there for you

What is definition of recurring theme?

A Recurring theme is a theme that repeats in different stories but its the same theme. A theme is a lesson learned from the story.
In Psychology

What are the recurring themes in psychology?

reccuring themes in psychology are "Nature vs. Nurture" "Activity Vs. Passivity" "Continuos Vs. Discontinuous" "Universialty Vs. Context Specifity".