What is red black and white?

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A penguin with a sunburn.
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What is black and white and red all over?

A newspaper because it's "read" all over (works better outloud). . A sunburned panda/skunk/zebra/penguin . A baby panda/skunk/zebra/penguin with diaper rash . A bleeding penguin . A vampire/vampizene having a midnight snack! . The Joker's face . A panda/skunk/zebra/penguin in a blender . a bl ( Full Answer )

What do the colours red white and black mean to Maori?

Ma whero, ma pango, ka oti te mahi. By red and black a job is finished - Many hands make light work. also makes reference to the creation story when rangi and papa were separating by there offspring, white = the light red the blood of there separating bodies' and black the dark. The spirit o ( Full Answer )

Are black and white real colors in the sense that red and green are?

"Black is not a color; a black object absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum and reflects none of them. White is a color. White reflects all the colors of the visible light spectrum." -- http://www.colormatters.com/vis_bk_white.html#Anchor-The-35882

What are the lyrics for a boy brushed red living in black and white?

Can you feel your heartbeat racing? Can you taste the fear in her sweat? You've done this wrong It's too far gone These sheets tell of regret I admit that I'm just a fool for you I am just a fool for you Here is where we both feel wrong Tonight's your last chance to Do exactly wha ( Full Answer )

What kind of snake is a red snake with black and white stripes?

Answer Depending on the order of the stripes and the area where you live it is either a coral snake or a type of milk snake. I have just googled this because of a snake on a TV advert (in the UK). I reckon it could easily be a corn snake. They aren't actually stripes, but really look like stripe ( Full Answer )

Are there red black and white ants?

Yes. Most black ants will bite but no matter what red ants will bite. And I think that white ants live in jungles, tropical, or rain forests.

What type of bird has a red head with black and white wings?

You don't mention what region of the world you are in so that makes it a bit difficult to answer your question with any certain answer. If you live in North America, it's very likely that the bird you are trying to identify is a woodpecker. Try punching woodpecker into a google image search and you ( Full Answer )

What kind of snake is black and red and white?

The rare Paradise Flying Snake . The Sinaloan Milk Snake . The Central Plains Milk Snake . The Scarlet King Snake . The Long-Nosed Snake . The San Francisco Garter Snake . The Western & South American Coralsnake

Why are Santa's colours red black and white?

The original drawings of Santa, by Thomas Nast, were black and white. An advertising deal with Coca-Cola in the 1930's produced the common image of Santa in his red suit etc. that we know today.

What bird is black with white red breast and yellow beak?

Rose-breasted grosbeak (male). Member of the cardinal family.. Found in southern/eastern Canada and northern/eastern United States during summer breeding season; southeastern U.S. during migration; and northern portion of South America during winter.

What rooster is black white with red around its eyes?

So many breeds come in black and white that the description is far too vague for me to help you. If you look below at the "RELATED LINKS" I will leave you a link to a website that has lots of pictures and descriptions of the many common breeds and perhaps you can find it there.

Does red match with white and black?

Answer: They do but they just don't look good together, any thing goes with white and any think goes with black. Answer: Yes, there are many really good uses of that combination. Here are some wardrobe basics that can be switched out for virtually every day of the week: . one each black, red, a ( Full Answer )

What can match with the red white and black?

yes it do casue black and white go with anything like if ur shoes got black red white in it and ur shirt have white and gray and black it will match.

How do you connect if there is a black red and white wire?

The assumption is that you are asking about house wiring. Typically the black is the "Hot" lead, the "White" is neutral and the bare wire is ground. If there is a red wire it might be part of a 240 VAC circuit or it could be part of a 3-way switching or dimmer lighting circuit. You would have to bet ( Full Answer )

What kind of bird has a black and white body and a red head?

Several of the woodpeckers fit this description including the Red-headed, Pileated, Red-bellied, Hairy, and Downy. The Red-headed has the most distinctive of this color pattern, but the Red-bellied is the most common.

Why is there only red black and white wire ceiling and no green?

Each color means a different thing and there are green ones, they are just not as common There should be a bare wire along with the red, black and green wires in the ceiling. It is possible that it was cut off short or tied up to the box somewhere. this is the same as the green wire.

Is Red in Pokemon Black and White?

Yup,Red is in Pokemon Black/White! Nintendo has remixed his theme once again,but its a metal version. Ok... but where is he?? he is in the white forest Erika_asks">Erika_asks"> Erika asks But I have Pokemon Black!

What colors can you make with black blue red and white?

If you have black, blue, red, and white paint, you can make many different reds, blues, and purples. Mixing red and blue together in different proportions will create different purple hues. Adding white to any of these colors will make a tint, adding black will make a shade, and adding gray will mak ( Full Answer )

What wire is ground red black or white?

white Another Answer In US home wiring, red and black wires are typically "hot" or switch legs and white is "common" or the center tap of the supply transformer. In US homes, ground is either green or bare.

What color do you get when you mix white and red and black paint?

Depending on the amount of each colour you mix, you will create a shade of pink. It is best to add the red to the white, then the black as it is easier to darken a lighter colour than it is to brighten a dark colour. Add small amounts until you reach the desired shade or tint.

Why are some tornadoes red and white and others are black and gray?

There are a few factors influencing the color of a tornado. The condensation funnel of a tornado is often white or light gray in color when front lit and dark gray or black when back lit. Tornadoes can also lift up large amounts of soil, in which case the may take on that color. Depending on the soi ( Full Answer )

Can you wear a red shoe with a black and white dress?

This depends greatly on the style of the dress and the pattern. If the dress is equal parts white and black, and also ends above the calves, a red, chunky heel would look very nice and add a little bit of flair to a sophisticated outfit. However, a long black and white dress with red heels would l ( Full Answer )

How to wire an appliance that has black white red and green wires?

It is most likely that the appliance is 220-240 Volts. Check the rating plate. If so you need to connect to that type of service and to a breaker that will handle the load. The 220-240 Volts is connected between Red and Black, White is neutral and provides 110-120 Volts between it and Red or Black. ( Full Answer )

What type of snake is red with black and white rings?

Depending on the order of the bands - either a highly-venomousCoral snake or a non-venomous milk snake. If the red bands touch the yellow/white ones, then it is a coralsnake. If the red bands touch the black ones it is a milk snake.

What colors do white black and red make?

white and red make pink, so it depends on how much black you are adding. if you add a lot of black, chances are that the color will become black, or murkey. if you add a little bit of black, it may darken the color, but it depends if you are using paint or something else

Is the red black or white the hot wire?

In North America on a single phase service the red and black wires are hot resulting in 240 volts. Either of these two wires and the white coloured neutral will produce 120 volts. On a three phase four wire system in Canada the colour coding is red, black, blue and white for the neutral. In the US t ( Full Answer )