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The red panda lives in the bamboo forests of the Himalayan Mountains of China. The Himalayans are in Western China and the Red Panda lives at the elevation of 2,000 to 4,800 meters high.

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Q: What is red panda's natural habitat?
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What is happening to the red pandas natural habit?

yes red pandas do live in their natural habitat because the live in the mountain

Why are red pandas vulnerable?

Red Pandas are vunerable, because their natural habitat is being chopped down.

How are red pandas being threatened?

Red pandas are being threatened by loss of habitat. As humans move into their natural habitat, they push the pandas out. Pandas can't adapt to new environments.

Why are pandas vulnerable?

Red Pandas are vunerable, because their natural habitat is being chopped down.

How do red pandas meet their habitat?

pandas can be red?

Are pandas in Switzerland?

No, the natural habitat of Pandas is in China.

Do local zoos have red pandas?

some of them have red pandas but red pandas want to be in the wild not in a little artificial habitat.

What is the red pandas habitat?

it is a grassy land

How is population killing the pandas?

destroying there natural habitat

What is the black panda's natural habitat?

There are no black pandas

Why are red pandas at risk?

Humans have been destroying their natural habitat and hunting them for their fur, causing population declination.

In what type of habitat do red pandas live?

Red pandas live in an ecosystem where other red pandas live. This is the best answer rated thank you

What animals share there habitat with the red panda?

Red pandas share their habitat with giant pandas they live in bamboo tree. ansered by milly dickinson

What habitat do red pandas live in?

in the mountains of Nepal

What is the first day of hibernation for pandas?

Pandas do not hibernate. They have a constant supply of bamboo in their natural habitat.

Why are the red pandas indangerd?

Mostly due to loss of habitat like regular pandas.

Why red pandas are in danger?

Red pandas are in danger because there habitat is being destroyed.

What predators do pandas have?

Red pandas preditors consist of a snow leapord, a marten and a human

What are some threats to red pandas?

Habitat loss, Hunting.

In what kind of habitat do red pandas live?

in the moutains of Neple

Do pandas live in Hawaii?

Pandas natural habitat is if China. If you find one in Hawaii, it'd be in a zoo.

Do pandas live in France?

Pandas natural habitat is if China. If you find one in France, it'd be in a zoo.

Why are orangatangs and pandas endangered animals?

Orangoutangs and pandas are mainly endangered due to loss of natural habitat.

How does mankind have and effect on giant pandas?

the cutting down of the pandas natural habitat which being the Forrest is what is causing pandas being endangered.

Why are the red pandas dying?

The red panda's main natural predators are snow leopards and yellow-necked martens so they contribute to red panda deaths a little but the main reasons that the red pandas are dying are poaching and loss of habitat. Red pandas have beautiful fur that is very desirable to many people in the fur trade.