What is relation between java and HTML?

Java isn't a page description language like HTML. It's a programming language. Description languages specify content and placement; programming languages describe a process for generating a result. Where there is generally a direct mapping between an HTML description of a document and the result, the relationship between a Java program and its result is likely to be more complex. It's a little like the difference between a list of square roots of numbers from zero to 10 and a program to calculate the list.

This is the code that specifies the Java code to run:


<EM>You need a Java-aware browser</EM>


The <APPLET> tag specifies the class to load (the CODE= field), URL information (the CODEBASE= field) and the size of the region the applet will own. Notice that Java doesn't exactly integrate with the rest of the page. Within that region of the page Java is king: it decides background color and fonts and does all the mouse and keyboard handling.

Parameters to the applet are placed in <PARAM> tags between the <APPLET> and </APPLET> tags. Anything else between these tags is ignored.

(IGNOU - BCA - CS-74 - Q.2(ii) - 2009)

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