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ATP are the main product. Oxygen and water are bi products

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Q: What is released from cellular respiration?
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What is released in cellular respiration?

Carbon dioxide and water are released in cellular respiration.

Is energy released in cellular respiration?

The energy released in cellular respiration is to create ATP.

Is oxygen released during cellular respiration?

No,oxygen is not released during respiration. It is utilized in respiration

During cellular respiration some energy is released as?

Cellular respiration refers to the metabolic processes involved in the production of energy. During cellular respiration, some energy is released as carbon dioxide.

Define aerobic cellular respiration?

Aerobic Cellular Respiration means the process by which the energy from glucose is released in the presence of oxygen is called as aerobic cellular respiration.

What does your body do with energy released during cellular respiration?

The heat released during cellular respiration helps decide your body temperature.

Is energy released or stored in cellular respiration?


How is respiration related to cellular respiration?

Respiration is a metabolic process in which cellular oxidation takes place into the mitochondria of the cell and energy is released.

What gas is released as a result of cellular respiration?

Oxygen is used in respiration.CO2 is released in respiration.

What are two products that are released into the body as a result of cellular respiration?

Two products that are released into the body as a result of cellular respiration are carbon dioxide and water.

Is cellular respiration endergonic or exergonic?

Cellular respiration, or aerobic cellular respiration, is exergonic because energy is released from the breakdown of glucose and therefore the products have less energy then the starting substance.

Is oxygen released in cellular respiration?

no cellular respiration uses oxygen to release energy from food. Photosynthesis releases oxygen

What does cellular respiration realease into the air?

Cellular respiration releases CO2 into the air.

What happens to carbon in glucose as they pass through cellular respiration?

The carbons from the glucose are released as carbon dioxide in cellular respiration.

Do Plants perform cellular respiration?

Yes, plants perform cellular respiration in order to produce ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. In cellular respiration, energy is released when large molecules are broken down.

What is released during a cellular respiration?

CO2 is released in aerobic respiration.Ethanol or lactic acid released non aerobic respiration.

ATP is released in?

ATP is released in glycolysis, cellular respiration, and fermentation.

The process where energy is released in the cell?

cellular respiration

How is energy released from glucose molecules?

cellular respiration

How is energy released from food molecules?

cellular respiration.

What are the two major types of cellular respiration?

the two main types of cellular respiration are aerobic cellular respiration and anaerobic cellular respiration.

The energy released from glucose by the process of cellular respiration is in the form of what?

The energy released from glucose by the process of cellular respiration is in the form of ATP and heat. ATP is the energy currency of the cell.

What type of chemical reaction is cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is the process by which the chemical energy molecule is released and partially captured in a form of ATP

How many ATP do you get after cellular respiration?

ATP is used for cellular respiration. It is not a product of cellular respiration.

Is aerobic cellular respiration exergonic?

Aerobic cellular respiration is exergonic. Energy in the form of ATP is being released.Respiration is energy releasing process. It is also a catabolic process