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What is required SAT score to get into the University of Florida?

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Average high school GPA is a 3.8 For the first-year students that enrolled at UF in 2007, the median SAT score is 1210 - 1400, and the Median ACT is 26 - 31. Although, UF has the highest admissions standards in the state, with a majority of admitted students scoring more than 1400 on the SAT. Test scores: SAT verbal scores over 500 91%, SAT math scores over 500 94%, ACT scores over 18 99%, SAT verbal scores over 600 60%, SAT math scores over 600 69%, ACT scores over 24 83%, SAT verbal scores over 700 15%, SAT math scores over 700 21%, ACT scores over 30 24%

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The minimum Sat score for the fall semester at Florida International University is 1400. If attending during the spring or summer semesters, you need a Sat score of 1530-1550.

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The minimum ACT score that is needed to get into Florida State University is a 26. The minimum SAT score is a 1730.

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