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What is required in living chamber for divers to rest in saturation diving system?



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Divers living in saturation need the following

A controlled pressure environment is required were the balances of gases can sustain life - usually controlled by Sat techs.O2 levels are usually elevated but not to a level that will create a fire hazard.CO2 is scrubbed using soda lime or lithium hydroxide scrubber cans .The temperature is controlled due to the ability of gases ( particularly helium ) to drain the divers body of humidity is controlled for comfort , to remove exhaled vapour, and also to reduce the possibility of ear infections. Food and water is passed through an air lock. Food is usually high energy value, and low in foods that will cause gas . Note your sense of smell disappears at depth . Regular bathing , cleaning routines, and ear drops reduce the chance of ear infections. Piped music ( head phones ), projected videos provide distraction. A special bathroom and shower is located in the TUP - transfer under pressure ).The diver must have the physical ability for the job as well as the psychological ability to adapt to living in a steel tube with other divers. Needs a sense of humour !!!

The general routine is -----get ready to work , work , clean up, read, eat sleep , get ready to work, work, cleanup ............... .