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GCSEs or Standard grades including english, maths and preferably double science. However, whatever your future plans, it's best to keep your options open and choose 2 sciences, as choosing only one can limit your opportunities.

Science based 'A' levels or Highers such as Biology and chemistry with physics or maths. Alternatively other qualifications such as HNDs, GSVQs, advanced GNVQs may be accepted as an alternative depending on the institution.

A university degree such as genetics or a more general course which includes genetics such as biology, applied biology or biochemistry. Many of the genetics degree courses are combined with another subject such as 'genetics and microbiology', or 'genetics and forensic science', or offer degrees that include an industrial placement. Information about the each degree and entrance requirements can be obtained by consulting individual university's prospectuses or their websites. There are currently 115 genetics course offered around the U.K. For more information and to find out entrance requirements visit Universities and Colleges Admissions Service for the UK (UCAS) (

The majority of researcher positions also require a post graduate qualification (e.g. MSc or PhD). Some non-graduate positions are however possible through Modern Apprenticeships which are offered to those aged over sixteen and combine paid employment with training for technician posts.

For more information on careers and qualifications, your choices and options talk to your careers teacher at school and your careers advisor from the local career development centre.

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Q: What is required to become a geneticist?
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How to become a geneticist?

To be a geneticist, a bachelor's degree is required. Most often the degree is in biology. Clinical geneticists must have a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree.

What is the education you need to become a microbiologist?

To become a geneticist you need a microbiology degree.

What type of degree do you need to be a Genecist?

None. Because Genecist isn't a real occupation. A Biomedical Science or Medicine degree would be required to become a Geneticist.

How long does it take to become a forensic specialist?

what does "forensic geneticist" do

How long does it take to be a Geneticist?

There is no exact amount of time it takes to become a geneticist. Typically, a research geneticist, for example, will have 4 years of undergraduate education, and another 4 or 5 years of graduate education.

How many years of schooling is needed to become a Geneticist?

4 years!

What should you major in to become a geneticist?

i think that to become a geneticist one must have a strong base of bio in the least further following physics n chemistry along with maths with a strong writing power(beneficial for theses)

Was Barbara McClintock a geneticist?

Yes she was a geneticist

How many year does it take to become a geneticist?

it take four year of medical school

Who was the first geneticist?

The first geneticist was Gregor Mendel

What does a geneticist study?

A geneticist is a scientist who studies genetics

What qualifications are needed to become a geneticist?

What education or training do you need to become a clinical geneticist?

To become a clinical geneticist, would request you to have a degree in Microbilogy, with some honours programm in Molecular Biology following Masters in Molecular Biology/Medical Microbiology.Should be abreast with latest trends in Medical Microbiolgy and good in Biochemistry.

What does the symbol Tt mean to a geneticist?

Tt to a geneticist indicates a heterozygous genotype.

How many years of training do you need to become a geneticist?

There are two basic routes to become a geneticist. You can become a medical doctor and specialize in genetics, or you can get a PhD in Genetics. If you go the medical doctor route, it would take a minimum of 11 years after high school. If you go the PhD route, it would take about 8 years after high school.

How does a geneticist use pedigrees?

A geneticist would use a pedigree to trace the inheritance of traits in humans.

When was William Hayes - geneticist - born?

William Hayes - geneticist - was born in 1913.

When did William Hayes - geneticist - die?

William Hayes - geneticist - died in 1994.

When was John Hardy - geneticist - born?

John Hardy - geneticist - was born in 1954.

When was William Allan - geneticist - born?

William Allan - geneticist - was born in 1881.

When did William Allan - geneticist - die?

William Allan - geneticist - died in 1943.

When was John Brookfield - geneticist - born?

John Brookfield - geneticist - was born in 1955.

When was Peter Harper - geneticist - born?

Peter Harper - geneticist - was born in 1939.

When did Norman Horowitz - geneticist - die?

Norman Horowitz - geneticist - died in 2005.

When was Norman Horowitz - geneticist - born?

Norman Horowitz - geneticist - was born in 1915.