Water Cycle

What is respiration in the water cycle?


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respiration is the water from animal and plant

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yall should know that it involves the water cycle

No cycle. Transpiration is part of the water cycle, and photosynthesis is what plants do to feed themselves.Carbon cycle involves both of them. Photosynthesis remove Carbon from atmosphere. Respiration release them back

When animals respire, they release small amounts of water into the atmosphere

Photosynthesis, respiration, the water cycle

Cellular respiration is part of the Krebs Cycle or the TCA cycle.

These are three parts of the water cycle.However, the three most important are:EvaporationCondensationPrecipitation.

The Krebs cycle is the second stage of cellular respiration.

respiration is the reverse of photosynthesis and are the important processes of carbon cycle and water cycle.

In photosynthesis, it energy flows in the Calvin cycle whereas in Respiration, it's in the Krebs cycle.

It is the citric acid cycle that is part of cellular respiration and is named after Hans Adolf Krebs.

The first set of reactions of respiration is called glycolysis, however the first part of respiration that could be called a cyclical reaction is Krebs Cycle (or Citric acid cycle or Tricarboxylic acid cycle).

want to know detailed about= photosynthesis and respiration cycle? =then follow the link: http: //

It describes one pathway for cellular respiration.

Ya, it is the second stage in respiration.

Photosynthesis and cellular respirationcellular respiration

Yes. There are two types of cellular respiration: aerobic and anaerobic. The Krebs Cycle occurs only in aerobic respiration. Hope this helps!

Because the end products of cellular respiration (carbon dioxide and water) is the starting point for photosynthesis. And the end products of photosynthesis (oxygen and sugar) are the starting points for cellular respiration.

Also known as Kreb's Cycle, the Citric Acid Cycle performs {the processes of} Respiration. Note please that while photosynthesis and respiration are correctly considered to be somewhat distinct they are also highly concurrent.

No, it is the light-independent reaction in photosynthesis. You may be confusing it with the Krebs cycle which is part of cellular respiration.

Yes, it is true. After the glycolysis, Krebs cycle is the next stage in respiration.

Anaerobic respiration is a form of respiration that does not use oxygen. It leads to the release of less energy and lactic acid. Carbon dioxide is also a byproduct of anaerobic respiration, which is formed in the Krebs cycle where the carbon sugar is converted into carbon dioxide and water.

Aerobic respiration is one form of cellular respiration, but Calvin cycle is part of photosynthesis. There is a non sequitur here and clarification may be needed.

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