What is roots useful to the environment?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is roots useful to the environment?
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How computers are useful in saving the environment?

yes,it is very useful to save a environment.

Can you please tell me why environment is so useful?

The environment is useful for animals as it is an animal's natural habitat. It's the same with humans.

Are the environmental events useful for the environment?

it is useful because it can aware all the peoples to now about it and also to protect or environment to such harmful effects

How does roots help the environment?

Plant roots hold soil in place to prevent wind and water erosion.

Are houseflies useful to the environment?

Houseflies are quite useful to the environment as they help in decomposing of substances. They are also used as food by certain animals on earth.

Materials in the environment that are useful to people?

an resource

Why is solar energy useful?

Because it is freely available and it doesn't damage the environment.

Do butterflies do anything useful for the environment?

Pollinate plants

Animals that are useful in the environment?

ox, lizard,cow,...

List down 10 useful 10 harmful changes in the environment?

changes both harmful and useful

Are zebras useful to people?

They are part of the food chain and environment.

What are some examples of useful changes in your environment?

scratch paper