What is rubbish made from?

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Anything discarded.

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Q: What is rubbish made from?
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Who created the first piece of rubbish made?

It is not known who created the first piece of rubbish. The word rubbish is typically described as garbage or something that is no longer needed or wanted.

What made Charles Dickens want to be a writer?

this website is RUBBISH!

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All hair extensions are rubbish. You should be happy how God made you, you god-forsaken heathen.

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alot of our rubbish can be recycled even a phone (now a days) which saves the world(almost). it is up to us to do it. every one in p7colville. we rock

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What is the Welsh word for rubbish?

Welsh word for 'rubbish' are:ysbwrial (rubbish, refuse)sothach (refuse, rubbish, trash)

How do you use the word rubbish in a sentence?

The story he told us was a load of rubbish. There was a pile of rubbish in the corner.

Is the rubbish collected from Mount Everest recycled?

The rubbish that is collected from the slopes of Mount Everest by Sherpas every year is either burned, recycled or even made into art.

What is trash made up of?

Trash is made up of rubbish that we throw away,its out waste that we dont need anymore.

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