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precautionary measure at home

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Q: What is safety precautionary measures in Tagalog?
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What are the safety precautionary measures in baking?

watch your steps

What are the precautionary measures in handling materials?

precautionary measures in handling materials

What are the safety precautionary measures before and after using simple machines?

KEEP any machine in good condition

What are precautionary measure?

Precautionary measures are steps/actions which are carried out to ensure that nothing bad happens, e.g. an accident in the laboratory. Some measures may be wearing safety goggles, tying hair back, using the safety flame on Bunsen burners, and wearing gloves.

What precautionary measures if use pesticides to kill mosquito?

If you use pesticides to kill mosquitoes, take precautionary measures to protect your skin from coming into contact with the chemicals. Wear gloves and long sleeves, and protect your eyes with safety glasses.

Precautionary measures before and after volcanic eruption?

what precautionary mesures beforeand after

7 precautionary measures in household materials?

There are many precautionary measures in household materials that you can take. One of these measures is to lock cabinets with chemicals.

What are the examples of precautionary measures before during and after an volcanic eruption?

precautionary measures before,during,after eruption of volcano

What is the meaning of precautionary measures?

Precautionary measures is to be prepare for something that might happen. If a hurricane was approaching you would take the appropriate precautionary measures such as boarding up windows or buying medical / food supplies.

Precautionary measures in swimming?


What precautionary measures are taken there to minimize the damage caused by the tsunami?

what precautionary measures are taken to minimize the damage caused by the tsunami

What are the precautionary measures in handling a microscope?


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