What is sag in conductor wires?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is sag in conductor wires?
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Why do wires sag in summers'?


What is a sag in power systems?

sag is the difference between the point of support to the lowest point of the conductor.

What is a sag between two electrical tower?

The conductor strung between two towers is not as tight as a rod, but has some "sag". The conductor is bit loose between two towers. Generally the permissible sag is about 3% (In India)

How do sag's in power transmission formed?

The plural of sag is sags, not sag's! Sag is caused by the weight of the conductor between its supports, and is (a) unavoidable and (b) necessary to allow for the conductor's expansion and contraction during variations in temperature. When surveyors design a power line, the amount of necessary sag is calculated and built into the design, while ensuring that the clearance between the conductor and the ground remains within safe limits.

How do you generate online sag?

A power line's 'sag' is the perpendicular distance between the lowest part of a conductor and an imaginary line drawn between the cross arms of two adjacent poles or towers. Sag varies with temperature, increasing as the temperature increases, due to the expansion of the conductor. Sag is necessary to reduce the strain applied to the conductor and its insulators. Regardless of the amount of sag, the lowest point along the conductor must never fall below the clearance height established for the voltage level of the line. The amount of sag is established by the surveyor/draughtsman responsible for profiling the line, and set by the linesmen erecting the line.

What is hot curve and cold curve in the sag template of Transmission line design?

plot of conductor sag and span lengths

Why metal wires sag in summers?

They expand with heat.

Why do metallic wires sag in summer?

They expand with heat.

Sag produced in the conductor of a transmission line depends on?

-The tension of the cable (the tighter, the less sag, but this can cause other problems if too tight) -The temperature outside (the higher the temperature, the more it will sag) -The amount of current flowing through the cable (the more current, the hotter the conductor will get = more sag) -The type of cable (aluminimum will sag more than copper; ACSR will sag less than straight aluminimum).

What happenes to telephone wires when they expand with heat?

became sag loosen

What is Sag Compensating Springs for Pantograph Isolator?

i think sag compensation springs are used in dead end termination of quadra conductor bus where jack bus is passing below bus & required clearence if we are not getting betn two buses their these sag compensation springs are used to bring conductor under tension .

What is the definition of Sag current in transmission line?

sag means the deepest point of the conductorAnswerSag is defined as follows: 'Sag, under any system of conductor loading, is the distance measured in the direction of the resultant load, between the conductor and the midpoint of a straight line joining adjacent supports'.So, draw an imaginary line beween two adjacent supports (towers or poles) and, from the midway point, draw a vertical line to where it intersects the conductor, and that vertical line represents the sag.