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Q: What is salary at zale jewelry outlet?
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Does zale's sell fake jewelry?


What is the song in the Zale's jewelry commercial?

Daniel Lee Kendall - Lost In The Moment

What was the classical song in the Zale's jewelry commercial before the Vanessa Carlton song?

Palladio by Karl Jenkins

What are some popular jewelry companies?

There are many popular jewelry companies that sell a wide arrange of jewelry. These companies are Zale's, Kay's, Jarrod's, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Company, and Cartier.

Do Zale's have a website with many pictures of engagement rings?

Zale's does offer a website for their diamond rings. provides information and pictures of their rings and jewelry. The pictures are taken from more than one angle.

What is the salary for a jewelry designer?

The salary for a jewelry designer varies widely based on location and skill. In the United States, jewelry designers earn an average salary of $46,636 per year.

Where can one purchase sapphire and sterling silver jewelry?

Sapphire and sterling jewelry can be purchased from any major jewelry store. Stores such as Zale's, Jared, Lawrence Jewelers, Kay Jewelers, as well as many others.

When was Zale rufosa created?

Zale rufosa was created in 1913.

When was Zale Corporation created?

Zale Corporation was created in 1924.

What is the population of Zale Corporation?

Zale Corporation's population is 12,800.

How tall is Haley Zale?

Haley Zale is 5' 6".

Who is buying Bailey banks and biddle?

Z Zale Stores or Zale Corporation

What is Tony Zale's birthday?

Tony Zale was born on May 29, 1913.

When was Tony Zale born?

Tony Zale was born on May 29, 1913.

When was Zale Dalen born?

Zale Dalen was born in 1947, in Iloilo, Philippines.

What nicknames did Tony Zale go by?

Tony Zale went by Man of Steel.

Is it possible to find jewelry from tag Heuer outlet online?

The tag Heuer outlet has many pieces of jewelry for sale. They have almost the quality of retail stores but that are not of the latest as they didn't get sold.

What are some jewelry stores one can buy sterling silver bangles from?

A local jewelry store that specializes in silver products, including bangles, is Berger and Silver in Woodmere, OH. You can also find them at Zale's and Kay's.

What is the salary of a jewelry designer in Greece?

The salary of a jewelry designer in Greece is about 36,000 Euros per year. This will vary depending on the level of experience and the clients served.

Where can one buy discontinued Coldwater Creek jewelry? has an outlet section, and they have outlet stores...check store locator

What brands of fine jewelry are the most reputable?

The most reputable places to buy fine jewelry are usually local jewelers. Places like Kay's and Zale's have nice stuff but they will try to upsell you and may be difficult to work with.

When did Tony Zale die?

Tony Zale died on March 20, 1997 at the age of 83.

What is the birth name of Tony Zale?

Tony Zale's birth name is Zaleski, Anthony Florian.

What jewelry stores are in gurnee mills?

Here is a list according to the Gurnee Mills website: A'Gaci, Black Cat Minerals, Charming Charlie, Exact Time, Fossil, Harris Jewelry, Kay Jewelers, Movado Company Store, Omid Jewelry, Piercing Pagoda, Sears Grand, Time Factory Watch Outlet, Ultra Diamond and Gold Outlet, Zales Outlet, and Z Fine Jewelry

What it the average salary for a jewelry designer?

Type your answer here... 80,000