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What is salt formed in the reaction magnesium and dilute sulphuric acid?


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Magnesium sulfate, with formula MgSO4.


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Hydrogen gas is formed when magnesium reacts with dilute sulphuric acid.

The reaction is:H2SO4 + MgCO3 = H2O + CO2 + MgSO4

In the reaction between zinc and dilute sulphuric acid, zinc sulphate, a salt, is formed, hydrogen gas is produced, and there is a rise in temperature.

There will be no reaction between Hydrogen Iodide and sulphuric acid. If the acid are is dilute a soution of both will be formed, if the acid is concentrated these compounds are immiscible. hydrogen iodide and sulphuric acid are actually a product of a reaction (known as the Bunsen reaction) 2H2O + SO2 + I2 → H2SO4 + 2HI

Magnesium sulfide (MgS) is formed by the reaction of magnesium with sulfur.

Im not sure about very dilute acid and strong magnesium but; magnesium and dilute nitric acid formed alot of gas, the color changed to a browney orange and the temperature increased significantly. I was told (by my science teacher) that when writing the chemical equation you didnt have to include water so; magnesium + nitric acid-------> magnesium nitrate + hydrogen Hope this helps. :)

when we add water n sulphuric acid then dilute sulphuric acid is formed. But we have to mix concentrated acid to water not water to acid otherwise the container in which u r mixing may explode because this reaction is highly exothermic.

Magnesium Sulfide, or MgS, is produced from this reaction.

What is the colour of the solution formed when copper oxide is dissolved in dilute sulphuric acid? it turns blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes they do. and magnesium chloride and nitric acid are formed

A protective layer is formed at the surface of aluminium; the phenomenon is called passivation.

Esters are formed by the reaction of alcohol and carboxylic acid in the presence of a sulphuric acid as a catalyst. The reaction is known as esterification.

Magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) is formed by the reaction of magnesium metal (Mg) with nitrogen gas (N2).

In a reaction between MgCOËÄ and NHËÅBr the new magnesium compound formed would be MgBr2

In a reaction between MgCO3 and NH4Br the new magnesium compound formed would be Mgbr2.

cu + H2so4 --->cuso4+2H two molecules of hydrogen evolves........

A white powdery substance is formed.It is Magnesium oxide which is formed by the reaction of magnesium with oxygen.

The compound formula formed between magnesium and oxygen leads to the formation of magnesium oxide.The reaction for the above reaction can be represented as :2Mg(s) + O2(g) 2MgO(s)

Magnesium will react with nitric acid and most other acids to produce hydrogen gas.

The mass increase because the magnesium oxide is formed.

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