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"Saludos a todos" means "greetings to all". It is pronounced "sah-LOO-dose ah TOE-dose". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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Saludos are hellos, or salutations such as hola

Despedidas are goodbyes such as adios or chao

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the bow/salute/salutation/greeting

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Q: What is saludos equivalent to in Spanish?
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What is the word greetings when translated to spanish?


How would you say 'best regards' in Spanish?


How do you write 2009 in spanish?

Dos mil nueve. Saludos PISKIARG

How do you say greetings to you also in spanish?

"Saludos para ti también" (singular) "Saludos para ustedes también" (plural)

How do you say 'different types of greetings' in Spanish?

Tipos de saludos diferentes.

Convey my regards to your family in spanish?

Transmite mis saludos a su familia

How do you say 'hello'in spanish?

¡Hola!¿Qué tal?¡Saludos!among other expressions

How do you say - send my regards to your kids in spanish?

Envia mis saludos a tus niños.

How do you say hello everybody in spanish?

¡Hola! ¡Saludos! No matter if there is one person or if there are many people.

What does Los saludos mean?

Los saludos means: the greetings.

What is the duration of Saludos Amigos?

The duration of Saludos Amigos is 2520.0 seconds.