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Transmite mis saludos a su familia

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Q: Convey my regards to your family in spanish?
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A sentence with convey?

please convey my regards to your parents.

How to convey regards to a person?

You can convey regards to a person by simply saying "Please convey my regards to [person's name]." You can also say, "Please send my best regards to [person's name]." If you're speaking directly to the person, you can say, "Please accept my regards."

What meaning does ING convey?

"Ing." is the Spanish abbreviation for "engineer".

What does pass on warm regards mean?

The phrase, pass on warm regards, means convey greetings or best wishes. This is a common phrase used among peers after a conversation or when parting ways.

How would you say 'best regards' in Spanish?


How do you say give my regards to your family?

say my regards to your family-if you mean in another language, state which one you need.

How can you say family in spanish?


What is regards in Spanish?

There are several ways to say Best regrds in Spanish. Below are some of them:Saludos cordialesSaludosAtentamente

How do you say 'with kind regards' in Spanish?

con un cordial saludo

What impression of the Americas does Columbus seem to be trying to convey?

Columbus tried to convey the Americas as an exotic, interesting place. He wanted to report back favorably to the Spanish who funded his journey, and entice the Spanish to come to America and colonize or explore.

What is the translation of regards to your family in Spanish?

Saludos a tu familia (informal, a un amigo al que tuteas) Recuerdos a su familia( formal, a una persona a la que tratas de usted)

What does cuรกl es tu talla mean?

It's Spanish for "What is your size?" (in regards to clothing).