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What is sandblasting?


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November 28, 2008 10:47PM

Sandblasting (aka Gritblasting) is an industrial process by which excess materials, paints, debris, etc can be removed from a surface (typically uneven metallic surfaces). Two basic systems, the suction type and the gravity feed/pressure type system, both utilize air pressure combined with an abrasive compound to accomplish this. The abrasive compound is typically a processed sand with silica content or abrasive material such as aluminum oxide or glass beads. Air pressure forces the abrasive through a hardened nozzle in a jet stream which allows it to remove contaminants from the surface of the target. This process is commonly used in the repair/restoration of industrial mechanical and structural components (ie: bridges, heavy duty machinery) and more common municipal applications like removal of graffiti or before re-painting road traffic lines.