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No. The chemical composition remains the same.


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This would be mechanical weathering because you are not changing the chemical composition of the rock.

This is not a complete question. Please rephrase.

The process of breaking down the rock material without changing its chemical composition is called mechanical weathering.

The type of weathering that does not alter the chemical composition of the rock is called physical weathering. The acid weathering usually alter the chemical composition of a rock.

Igneous rock is rock that came from a volcano. Its source makes it igneous not its chemical composition.

carbonic acid weather rocks by changing the chemical composition of mineral in the rock.

An igneous rock is any crystalline or glassy rock that forms from cooling of a magma. Color and texture help determine the chemical composition of the rock.

it changes the chemical composition of rock

Chemical weathering can change chemical composition and physical appearance of a rock.

Chemical change not a physical. A CHEMICAL CHANGE

physical: keeps characteristics of the rock chemical: changes the composition of the rock

Sandblasting of rock by wind-blown particles is referred to as abrasion. It is the process of scraping or wearing away of rock particles.

This refers to what constitute the rock;What the rock is made of.The chemical constituents of the rock.

Mica is a class of minerlas, not a rock. Different micas have different chemical compositions.

The chemical composition of the rock affects the color of an igneous rockbecause some minerals like quartz change color becasue of t's own

crystals from chemical precipitates and evaporates

it can mean two things, (1)mineralogical composition or (2)Chemical composition

The chemical composition must be determined by analytical methods.

It is an open system; atoms can move into and out of the rock.

Both weathering help breakdown rocks into particles in a specific way. Mechanical weathering breaks rocks into smaller pieces without changing them chemically. Chemical weathering occurs when the chemical composition of rock changes.

chemical. it changes the actual composition of the rock. :)

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