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save fuel save money

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Q: What is save fuel mean save money?
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Related questions

How can you save money on gas?

You can save money on gas by riding a bus to your work place. You can convert to ethonal or another fuel source. Not only will that save you money, it will save the enviorment.

Why do we need to save fuel?

because there is not a lot of fossil fuel in the world left also we save fuel to save money the prices of gas is going through the roof nowadays.

Why should you drive a fuel efficient car?

to save money

Does a Bugatti Veyron save money on gas?

No, It drinks the fuel

Can you replace the solid fuel with gas fuel?

i think that we can use gas fuel instead of solid fuel to save money.

What does it mean it takes time to save time?

poor takes time to save money but Rich spends money to save time

Why are hybird cars invented?

to save fuel, money and materials needed to make regular vehicles

How does conserving energy save your money?

If you pay your electricity bill based on usage ($ per kWh or something), then using less electricity will mean a lower electric bill. Fuel is another form of energy. Especially with rising fuel oil prices, driving a car less would mean less money spent at the pump.

What does the term invest mean?

=To save money to get something u want=

How does alternative fuel save you money?

Alternate fuels can save a person money if they are overall cheaper than regular fuels and if you can get more miles to the gallon. Bio fuels are cheaper, especially when they are homemade.

Does Outlet mean to save money?

yes, outlet means to save money. did you ever hear of a outlet mall? (and outlet mall is a mall, but cheaper).

Do public transportation systems save fuel?

Yes, the do save fuel because...

Is it true there is something called a fuel reducer that goes to your fuel line to save gas?

Just another gimmick to take your money. Another in a long list of scams to take your money. They do not work!!

What did the fuel administration introduce in ww1 to save fuel?

ww1 tried to save fuel for fuel cost and for the troops on land and overseas.

What is the most important way to save energy and money when it comes to transportation?

The best way to save energy in transportation is to increase the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles.

How do you save fuel?

how can we save fuel ? easy you can easily dont turn on the air condition

How Does sewing save money?

how does sewing save money

What does the phrase money burns a hole in my pocket mean?

It means that you are in a hurry to spend the money. You are unable to save the money for an event in the future.

Save fuel save environment drawing?


What are the slogans for saving fuel?

we should save fuel

Why does recycling save money?

because u get to save money

How to Get the essay on 'save fuel save environment'?

you can type the text essay on save fuel save environment in the google search bar. You can select any of the option..

How much water will the average American save if they used solar water heaters?

The idea is not so much to save water, but to save energy - electricity, or fuel, for example.The idea is not so much to save water, but to save energy - electricity, or fuel, for example.The idea is not so much to save water, but to save energy - electricity, or fuel, for example.The idea is not so much to save water, but to save energy - electricity, or fuel, for example.

What does the Fuel cost calculator target?

A fuel cost calculator works out how much someone is spending on fuel as they use their car. It can be useful for someone budgeting to save money and they can usually be found in car magazines

What are the best slogans on spreading awareness of saving fuel?

Some of the best slogans on spreading awareness of saving fuel includes "Save Oil, Save Energy," "Save Money, Slow Down," and "One day oil will cost more than gold, start conserving today."

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