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What is scope of MBA in marketing?

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Candidates with an MBA degree in marketing are sure to enjoy excellent career growth in this highly competitive world. Marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager and new product manager are some of the job profiles available for MBA marketing professionals. Candidates with profound knowledge in finance can also look for the job opportunities available as strategic or market planning executives. One can also come across other specialized corporate positions like advertising manager, marketing communications manager, sales manager and PR director. Most of the advertising agencies also offer ample job scope for marketing professionals in specialized areas like direct marketing, advertisement and jobs related to communications. MBA Marketing programs are also ideal for those who wish to make a career as a brand manager. This profession generally attracts youngsters as the job involves lot of responsibilities, glamour and lot of traveling.

Career opportunities after MBA Marketing:

Let us look into different job profiles a candidate can expect after MBA Marketing:
a) Marketing Manager
b) Brand Manager
c) Market research analyst
d) Sales Manager
e) Media Planning
f) Product Management
e) Digital Marketing

2016-05-01 06:59:44
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Q: What is scope of MBA in marketing?
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What is the scope of MBA in finance and marketing in future with regarding job and salary?

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Which specialization field of MBA has more scope in Pakistan?

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What is the scope for a veterinarian who did MBA after his bvsc?

There is much more scope for a Veterinarian after MBA.

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What is the scope of marketing management?

What is the scope of marketing management?

Scope of MBA in business?

Hi,After MBA there is a lot of scope which you can get. MBA is a course which is related to business management studies. If you have a business, then MBA is the right choice to carry forward your business. One can also work in an MNC after doing MBA. the scope and avenues is vast.

What are the name of marketing projects for MBA?

The scope of Marketing project is very wide. The projects can be selected on advertising, Channel/distribution, pricing, product, branding, social media, public relation or service and direct marketing.

Why to take marketing as specialization in MBA?

If you love interacting with people go for MBA in marketing.

What is scope of doing MBA marketing after pharm D?

you may go to the marketing department of a pharma industries and Firms, and develop strategies to increase the sales. You can also work as a MR (Medical representative)

How project management helpful to MBA marketing?

MBA marketing is helpful; it emphasizes marketing management as a handle when making business decisions.

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There are several distinct differences between MBA in finance and MBA in Marketing. Some of the differences between MBA in finance and MBA in marketing are: different programs, and focus on different problems.

How you can download free MBA final year project on marketing?

Fianal year mba marketing assigment is required

How do you prepare MBA marketing resume?

The resume of MBA marketing is prepared as the others are prepared. You just need to focus on the marketing related degree and experience.

Which has more scope MBA-HR or MBA- finance?


What is the scope and nature of marketing strategy?

The scope and nature of a marketing strategy refers to the approach a marketing team uses. The nature refers to the way in which marketing is accomplished and the scope refers to the size and strategy used.

What are the Mba project Topics for marketing?

religious marketing of product.

What is marketing Scope?

Marketing scope refers to the entire process of marketing. This includes planning, lead projections, marketing campaigns and promotions and so much more.

Annamalai university MBA 1st year marketing management Assignment question and answers?

mba marketing management assignment answers

Viva voce questions for MBA marketing?

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What is the scope of MBA Advertisement in Pakistan?

The scope of MBA advertisement in Pakistan is quite broad. There are numerous channels and agencies which are wholly solely doing work for advertisement.

What is the difference between MBA and MBA in IT?

If you are doing MBA so you have to select any stream, IT, marketing, Finance etc.

Where can i find MBA projects?

If you need MBA project (MBA Marketing Project, MBA Finance Project, MBA HR Project and MBA Operation Project) you can contact us at: sjain3840@gmail.comWe provide MBA Projects to MBA StudentsMarketing ProjectsHR ProjectsFinance ProjectsOperation ProjectsJust E-mail Us Your Requirements.

What is a list of the topics of marketing project reports for MBA students?

Marketing students have lot of scope to pick up from for there projects report ----they can do projects on customer retention schemes of various telecom service providers, -----they can do projects on marketing of big companies into rural markets. ---------projects can be done on ,marketing strategies of various companies.