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Selena does not have a half sister.

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How many bones do a peguian have?

52 and a hafe but onley the hafe matters

What is hafe of 34?

HALF of 34 is 17 ... why....?

How do you get DSI piano grid?

hey guys i am going to show you how to get a piano on your dsi. so first of all, you hafe to go to the camera application. second of all, you hafe to go to edit. now, you hafe to go to the music notes. and now you can play your dsi piano!

How many kids did king George have?

how many kids did he hafe

How does an animal lose energy from eating a plant?

the animal is using some energy so they lose just under the hafe of the plants energy so that is how an aniaml only gets hafe

How old do you hafe to get a iPod?

To me, I don't think it relies on age Id say its trust. So really i don't think there's any age limit, you just have to have the money :) Btw: its have not hafe.

Is India socially growing?

who cares they are hafe way across the world

Was Sammy Davis jr hafe cuba?

No, he was half Puerto Rican.

What is hafe of 45?

Half of 45 is: 45÷2 = 22.5

How do you be a VIPs on zwinky cuties?

you hafe to buy vip in zwinky cuties

How many grams is in a hafe pound?

1/2 pound is about 227g

How did the ramekin dish get its name?

By a man named Hafe that owned pizza street.

How much bleach do you put in your clothes?

about hafe of the cap. if small 3/4

How big do blue gill hafe to keep?

There is no size limit on bluegill in most areas.

Can dogs hafe milk?

Yes. For newborn pups you can even buy doggie formula.

Did dumbledor die in the hafe blood prince?

yes. i bet its because you spelled half wrong

How much can a hafe ton pickup truck haul?

Generally, a half ton (1000 lbs)

How do you call rockhopper on club penguin?

you hafe to beat the sensi 102 times its pretty simple

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