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Remove MusicMatch Version 10 or disable it from starting up automatically.

-- Shellcon Hidden window is backup software that is attached to certain programs, musicmatch being one of them. I am still researching the effects on computer efficiency. It slows down the shut down procedures because it is turning off. It runs in the background when you turn on your computer. I have a new laptop also and it never appeared until I downloaded the newest version of musicmatch.

--I had the same problem and it was slowing my computer way down also. All I had to do was go to Start, Run, type MSCONFIG and then hit Enter. Select the last tab to the right, then uncheck MIM.EXE. and restart your computer and NO MORE HIDDEN WINDOW! It really does work! And you don't have to get rid of Musicmatch. It just disables Music Match from accessing the internet and that is what put the Hidden Window on your computer.

-- I came upon the same problem when I upgraded to MusicMatch 10. Before the upgrade, I don't recall this problem ever happening. I simply uninstalled the MusicMatch program. I also deleted the program folder in the [Program Files] on my HD that the uninstaller did not delete. My computer did not have the shellcon problem ever since. Other solutions have been posted in the earlier replies.

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Q: What is shell con hidden window?
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