What is shiasistersnet?

ShiaSisters.net is a Website for Young Shia Sisters.

The Aim

The sisters hope to meet many shia sisters from all over the world and create a bond of friendship and sisterhood. Shiasisters.net is a website for all shia sisters to share their interests, hobbies, favorite activities and ideas. Shiasisters.net provides member shiasisters their own pages where they can upload their thoughts, ideas, artwork as well as recitations. The Goals

Shiasisters.net is a platform to discuss issues that are faced by young shia girls all around the world and how to deal with them in accordance with the guidance of the Ahlulbayt. Shiasters.net hopes to associate with an "Aalima" who will answer questions posed by young shia sisters. Monthly Specials

Shiasisters.net updates their website every month highlighting the important events of the month. Our main aim is to learn from the lives of the 14 Ma'soomeen and apply their morals in our lives. Shiasisters.net intends to add "sister of the month" to the homepage as well!