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Q: What is shock loading in waste water?
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What is meant by BOD loading rate?

BOD loading rate is the amount of organic matter added in water or waste water for example sewage water

What has the author I J Abd written?

I. J. Abd has written: 'Through-water shock from tubes under internal explosive loading'

Why is electronic waste dangerous?

Because it can shock and kill you.

What is shock loading in an aircraft?

Applying a load simultaneously, to the point where the aircraft cannot support itself.

What is the difference between shock loading and dynamic loading of cranes?

A dynamic load arises from the acceleration or deceleration of a "static" load (mass). A shock load occurs when this acceleration or deceleration is very large and the the time frame is very short.

What is Water mixed with waste?

It is waste water.

How much water is used in a typical load of laundry?

The use of water depends on which of the two types of machines you have, between a top-loading and a front-loading. A top-loading washer uses around 40 gallons of water from start to finish, whereas a front-loading machine uses about half as much..

What is Waste water?

Waste water is were unused water flows down into the sea.

Where do they sell toxic waste and red hot shock candy?

Da candy store :)

What has the author R K Stern written?

R. K. Stern has written: 'Shock cushioning by corrugated fiberboard pads to centrally applied loading' -- subject(s): Packaging, Shock (Mechanics), Cushioning materials

How does a leaky faucet waste water if the water simply returns to the environment?

It doesn't waste water, but it does waste energy. The water coming out of your faucet is water that has been cleaned and filtered, which requires energy. If you waste that water, you are ultimately wasting energy.

Place where waste water is made clean is a?

Water waste plant