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sian is a real name!

sian is a welsh name, it means Jane in English

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Q: What is sian real name?
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What is the birth name of Sian Lawson?

Sian Brooke's birth name is Sian Phillips.

What is the real name of Sian Powers in Coronation Street?

Sacha Parkinson plays the part of Sian Powers in Coronation Street. She joined Coronation Street in February 2009.

What is the birth name of Sian DeVega?

Sian DeVega's birth name is Wendi Cheryl San Jackson.

How many people named Sian?

Unofficially, there are less than 1,615 people in the US with the first name of Sian, and less than 590 people in the US with the last name of Sian.

How many people are named Sian?

There is no specific number available for how many people are named Sian worldwide. The popularity of the name may vary by region or culture.

When will Sophie and sian be back on coronation street?

Did sacha who played sian in corrie have a baby in real life n brook to just asking

Is Sian A Gothic Name?

Yes, it is Welsh

What color is it sian?

There is no standard color associated with the name "sian." It is not a recognized color in the traditional color spectrum.

What does the name Sianell mean?

Its a made up name from Sian and Elleanor

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Are Sophie and Sian together in real life?

yeh they are... and there a really gd couple .... <3

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