What is sicklecell?

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Its a genetic type of anemia found in the black community. Check the Mayo Clinic medical information under Sicklecell anemia.

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Q: What is sicklecell?
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What ethnic group is greatly affected by sicklecell?

African American and Hispanic are greatly affect by sicklecell.

Can you go into the Navy with sicklecell?


Sicklecell anemia is a disorder resulting from a mutation that leads to the production of an abnormal protein Which component of the DNA molecule provides instruction for the production of the protein?

The sequence of nitrogen bases

What if the cellular process that carries out hereditary instructions would be affected by a mutation?

Depending on the type of mutation, this could be harmless, or it could be harmful and even lethal.For example, a point mutation changes one base in a codon. Since most amino acids have more than one codon, this mutation may still code for the same amino acid. For example, both TTT and TTC codons code for the amino acid phenylalanine, so if TTT was mutated to TTC, the mutation would have no effect.However, in sickle cell anemia, a life-threatening genetic disorder, is also caused by a point mutation, in which the codon CTC is mutated to CAC. The codon CTC codes for the amino acid glutamine, and CAC codes for the amino acid valine. This change in just one codon causes the hemoglobin molecule to have an altered structure, which causes the red blood cells carrying the mutated hemoglobin molecule to be stiff and have a concave (sickle) shape. The sickle-shaped cells clog blood vessels and do not transport oxygen effectively, which causes pain and damage to the organs, shortening the lifespan by about 30 years. A person must inherit the mutated gene from both parents in order to be affected.Source: are other types of mutations, such as frameshift mutations, and chromosomal mutations that can negatively impact the affected organism.

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