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Q: What is single barrel 12 gauge nitro hunter with c6588 on barrel by belknap worth?
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What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

Who made nitro hunter 16 gauge single barrel with ram 1037?

Crescent Fire Arms Company was the manufacturer of the Nitro Hunter shotgun. It was as an exclusive in-house brand of Belknap Hardware in Louisville.

What is a belknap hardware single barrel shot gun?

Belknap Hardware- along with many others, sold shotguns made under their name by Crescent Firearms.

Who made a 410 gauge single barrel with VOLUNTEER stamped on it serial A981277?

A 410 gauge, single barrel shotgun with Volunteer stamped on it and Serial number A981277 was made by the Volunteer Arms Company. They made guns for Belknap Hardware store in Louisville, Kentucky.

Who makes a single barrel 16 ga with the markings john w price model 1899?

J. W. Price Model 1899 shotguns were made for Belknap Hardware by W.H.Davenport Firearms.

What is the value of a Belknap shotgun?

what is the value of the volunteer belknap single shot 16 gauge

What is the value of a nitro hunter 22 rifle with octagon barrel?

The Nitro-Hunter was made by the Baker Gun & Forge of Batavia, New York. It uses a modified receiver that was originaly made under a contract with Febiger Arms Company of New Orleans. These were made for sale by the Belknap Hardware company. Depending on condition, around $150 or so.

You have a Nitro Hunter by Belknap serial No 7387 does anyone know the year it was made?

No published sn data that I know of.

Can someone tell you the value of a blue grass 22 caliber rifle that is a single shot lever action and manufactured by belknap howe manufacturing co in louisville KY with barrel stamped patent applied?

10-100 usd

What is the value of a 12 gauge Nitro Hunter single barrel shotgun?


Where can you find a stock for a Hopkins and Allen single barrel shotgun?

I have a nitro hunter 12 ga serial 555281 $50 for the whole gun

How much is a single shot belknap model 8963 worth?


What is the value of the Belknap Hardware 22 rifle with Blue Grass written on the barrel?

10-100 USD depending on condition.

Could you get some info on a volunteer 12 gauge shot gun. It has a 32 single barrel?

Volunteer Arms Co. was a trade name of Belknap Hardware and Manufacturing, a large wholesale/retail in Louisville, KY. It operated under that name from 1907 until 1986. The Volunteer Arms Co single barrel shotguns were actually the Iver Johnson Champion model. The Champion was manufactured from c. 1909 until the mid 1970's.

Is Hunter Hayes single?

Yes, Hunter Hayes is single at the moment

How much is a single shot 22 belknap model B963 worth?

Will seldom exceed 100 USD

Does a browning gold deer hunter barrel fit on the browning gold hunter?


What is the value of a 22 cal Nitro-Hunter automatic rifle from Belknap Hardware and Mfg co Model no 1?

20-100 usd

How much is a single shot 12 gauge belknap model b63b worth?

50-125 USD

What is the birth name of Anna Belknap?

Anna Belknap's birth name is Anna C. Belknap.

What is the difference between single and double barrel whiskey?

When whiskey is bottled a number of oak barrels are dumped and blended together and bottled. Single Barrel Whiskey is bottled from one single oak barrel. Double barrel whiskey is aged in oak barrels then they are dumped and sometimes the proof is lowered and then put into a second new oak barrel to be aged again.

Where is browning silver hunter made?

It wil be marked on the barrel.

Find a single shot 12 gauge belknap model b636?

Internet, gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

28 gauge with single barrel How do you find its age and value?

28 gauge with single barrel How do you find its age and value?

Value of 1901 Harrington and Richardson 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?

1901 single barrel shotgun, washingtion