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What is sister in Korean?

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good question :)

in korea, it depends what you call a sister by age.

if the girl is older, then u call her "un-ni"

if the girl is younger, u call her "yuh-dong-saeng"

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What is called sister in Korean?

Sister in Korean is a Dohng Seng or Noo Na.

How do you say younger sister in Korean?

여동생 (yeodongsaeng)

How do you write sister in korean?

여동생 = sister

What is the Korean symbol for little sister and older sister?

older sister

What do unni mean in Korean?

Unni means sister in Korean.

What does Noona mean?

It is Sister in Korean ^-^

What to call your older sister in Korean?

noona for elder sister 누나- that is how you right it

How do you ask sister are you busy in korean?

바쁘세요 = are you busy

What is the Korean word of youngest sister?

여동생 (yeodongsaeng)

When do you say sister in Korean?

Sister: 언니 - A girls older sister 누나 - A boys older sister 동생 - Younger Sibling 여동생 - Younger Sister

What does the korean word unee mean?

Older sister but it doesn't have to be your real sister. it could be any older girl that you consider her as close to a sister

What does Korean word unni mean?

Older Sister (addressed by female).

How can you say that your her sister in Korean?

dangsin-ui yeodongsaeng eul mesinjeo

What is Older sister in Korean?

Unnie is what a younger girl would call a older sister. Noona is what a younger boy would call a older sister.

What is the Korean word for brother?

Oppah for sister to brother Hyung for brother to brother

If You are an older brother how do you address your little sister in Korean?


What is the meaning of noona in Korean?

it means older sister IF you are a boy. but if you are a girl, it is UNNIE.

What is sister called in Korean?

Older sister coming from a female - "Eon-nie" Older sister coming from a male - "Noo-na" Younger sister coming from both gender - "Dong-saeng"

What is the word for sister in Korean?

For malesolder sister is 누나 noonaolder brother is hyung.For femalesyour older brother is 오빠 oppayour older sister is 언니 eonni.

How do you say I love you sister in Korean language?

oni, sa na ei yo.

How do you say young sister in Korean?

여동생, (Yuh-Dong-Sseng)-Little sisster

Boy says older sister in Korean?

Boys call girls older than them a Noona.

How are you small sister in Korean?

동생, 잘 지내? (dong-saeng, jal ji-nae?)

How do you say BROTHER and SISTER in Korean?

A younger brother or sister is 동생 (dong-saeng). If you are a girl, your older sister is 언니 (eon-ni) and your older brother is 오빠 (oppa). If you are a boy, your older sister is 누나 (noona) and your older brother is 형 (hyung).

What does uni mean in Korean?

Unni is used when referring to a slightly older woman or older sister by a female speaker.

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