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What is so important about solar energy and electric energy?


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solar enegry is cleaner than gases like fossle fules and can power who buildings instead of cole that doesnt

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For generating hydro electric energy we have to build dams across a river which disturbs its ecological balance and ecological balance of its surroundings so solar energy is far better than hydro electric energy.

Solar energy is one of the approaches to generate electrical energy. So, no comparison. Solar energy is a primary energy source while electric energy is a secondary energy source.

In a silicon solar cell, light energy (a photon of energy >~ 1.1eV) is absorbed in silicon and the energy absorbed excites an electron-hole pair so charge particles are formed. If there is an electric field, the charge particles will separate and an electric current occurs.

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the suns energy is solar energy because sun means solar so solar energy is from the sun

Yes, but we might not want to use it. The electric eel gets its electricity from its food, so it would me much easier to put solar panels on your roof and get energy from the sun then to get an electric eel and feed it so you can use its energy.

it's useful for snakes because they need alot of heat so insted of using electric we could use solar power.

There are no energy sources that will never run out, but the sun will last a good long time, so any energy derived from solar will last a good long time. This includes direct solar, such as roof mounted water tanks, conversion of solar to electric by solar cells, bio-solar (grow things which convert to energy), wind, water, earth thermal, and similar.

the sun has solar energy so that is one way it is started.

so they can take the vitamin d which is most important for his body

Solar energy is so expensive because it is a relatively new concept for energy. The technology involved with bringing that energy to consumers is expensive.

Because if you think about solar power you need the sun to power the solar panels which is very good for the eco system

among the other sources of clean energy, solar energy is abundant and easier to collect.

No, in fact, electric potential energy is high when electric potential is high. Electric potential energy = electric potential x charge So, for the same charge, electric potential energy is proportional to the electric potential..

you have to : use energy efficient light bulbs solar panels motion sensitive taps ( so water dont drip) unplug electric things

Renewable energy is not so commercialized because it is too expensive. If you were to place enough solar panels on your roof to be able to just use solar energy, you need ten years worth of time in order to make the electric bills the same, and that does not include the expensive batteries that need replacing!

Electric potential energy is a form of energy and energy is a scalar quantity, so this also holds true for electric potential energy.

Solar energy is energy from the sun, so really it forms on it own, but Russell Ohl discovered it and he was from America.

Solar energy produces evaporation when it heats up a liquid so that the liquid starts evaporating from the surface. So it's really what solar energy does to evaporation and not the other way round.

If you have solar panels electric will travel through it so that we can do different things that use electric.

the sun is solar energy so God made it. i tottaly agree with you! God made sun and the sun made solar energy..... :] bless youu

The suns power is called Solar Energy. So to get the suns energy we use solar panels.

solar energy will improve by not using any coal or oil so that it does not pollute the earth and you will heat your house by using solar energy. <><><><> Possible improvements include lower costs of solar energy system components, higher efficency in the conversion of solar energy, and improvements in storing solar energy (it gets dark at night, y'know?)

They are important because we use coal right now and that emits carbon dioxide when it is burnt and it also causes acid rain, etc. We are also starting to run out of coal, too. So, everyone is trying to find another energy source that does not cause global warming, such as solar energy and wind energy.

Electric potential is the electric potential energy per unit coulomb. So unit for electric potential is J/C and that of electric potential energy is simply J

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