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The Belkin wireless router is a good brand. There is nothing specifically different or special about it but a lot of people prefer you use this brand because they make many good wireless products.

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Q: What is so special about the belkin n wireless router?
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Can you use a Belkin 802.11g router to connect to another wireless network to a router not made by Belkin sort of like a bridge?

So far, there is no compability between routers from different brands. The answer is rather no, but you can still try.

Can you find other wireless routers through a wireless router?

No. To find wireless routers, your computer must have a wireless chip in it that will search for signals near you. SO, if you can connect to your own wireless router, you can connect to other wireless router.

How do you extend a wireless router?

You can get so called wireless boosters or extenders. The price is about the same price as for a good router.

Should I choose a Netgear or Belkin router?

I would say Belkin because its very unique to nowadays technology. Netgear will give you very often problems and that will be to much to deal with so stick with Belkin.

Does adding a wireless router to a computer make the internet wireless?

You can't add wireless router to your computer. You can a wireless router to your network. If you do so, it does make your network wireless. In order to use your network wirelessly you need to have wireless adapter for all your computers you want to be connected wireless.

How do you make your router have wi fi?

You don't "make" your router have wifi. It either has it or it doesn't. Wifi is available from a wireless router, so check to see if yours is wireless. A wireless router will usually, but not always, have antennae sticking out of it.

What is a linksys wireless router?

A Linksys wireless router is a type of wireless router manufactured by the company Linksys. It works as a router to allow multiple computers to access the internet connection, and does so over a wireless local area network (WLAN) which computers access via their wireless cards.

Hookup a netgear wireless router to a netgear non wireless router and the modem?

You can hook up a wireless router to your already existing modem and non-wireless router. However, you need to set up the wireless router by changing it's LAN IP address and by disabling it's router function so it will function as a wireless access point to avoid conflict with your existing non-wireless router. Click for more info.

Creating A Wireless Router Bridge?

A wireless router bridge is a way to use an old or unneeded wireless router to extend the usable range of a central Internet access point. This can be done by connecting an older router to a functioning router and then either changing the wireless mode of the router to bridge, or by changing the firmware inside of the router so it can support bridging. The end result is a wireless router that will pick up the signal from an access point and provide Internet access to any computer that uses the wireless router bridge.

What is the average price of a broadband wireless router?

The average price of a broadband wireless router really depends on the brand, the speed, the power, and the features that this particular wireless router has to offer, so probably around $50.

What is the pin for belkin router f5d7234-4 v3?

the pin code is on the label in the back of the unit is 45216909..but once I used this code, my wireless still recognize the pin..any solution? When attempting to network my computers, I was prompted to enter an 8-digit pin which is supposedly found on the bottom of the router. It wasn't, of course. So I called Belkin (877 736 5771) and was told that they could assist in resetting my router's pin, to effect a bypass which would allow me to network, in the absence of m router pin. I didn't proceed for unrelated reasons. Anyway, if you don't have your pin, and need it, call Belkin. 'Hope this helps.

How much is a wireless router bridge?

A wireless router bridge is so you can connect extra devices to your router. You can purchase a cheap one for around $40 dollars on a website like Amazon.

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