What is social forestry?

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The term social forestry was used by the National Commission on

Agriculture in 1976, to denote tree raising programmes to supply

fire wood, small timber and minor forest products to rural


Rural income generation through massive plantation work &

revenue earning from wood stock value,selling the medicinal plants

and energy crops generated by inter crop management are the

important task to improve socio-economic condition of rural


Carbon credit earning through Clean Development Mechanism (C D M

) will be an additional INCOME benefit by SOCIAL FORESTRY for

Afforestation/Re forestation and Waste land development.

It's a community based work on massive plantation through

PANCHAYAT/VILLAGE ASSEMBLY involving farmers,village workers,Govt

& private bodies etc etc

under JOINT VENTURE programme.

SOCIAL FORESTRY is a management and protection of forest and

afforestation on the degraded land with the purpose of helping in

the Environment,Social & Rural development.

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