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His real name is Sodapop Curtis

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No, they are the names of the characters. In the outsiders ponyboy mentions that his and his brother sodapops name are real, even on their birth certificates. Sodapops nickname was pepsi cola. the gang members don't call him by that nickname, only his dad did. :)

The boys in this are extreamly real. The theme is real nice. The Outsiders is hilarious.

If you are talking about the book THE OUTSIDERS his name is Ponyboy Michael Curtis that's the name that his parents gave him since the day he was born.

His real name is Sodapop Curtis. Pony makes a point of mentioning that it says so on his ceritifcate (just like his name is actually Ponyboy and it says so on his certificate) in the book, too.

In The Outsiders, Bob's last name is Sheldon. His real name is Robert Sheldon.

Cherrys real name from the outsiders is Sherry Valance. Everyone calls her cherry because of her red hair.

Because during the time period that the book was released, the book would not be as apealing if it was written by a woman

Dally is the real character of the gong a hood

believe it or not his actual name is sodapop:)

what iscaveman real name from the book

Sheldon is his last name. His Real name is Robert Sheldon

Ralph Macchio was the actor who played Johnny in The Outsiders. They never tell us Johnny's actual name.

In The Outsiders, Ponyboy Curtis is the characters real name. His father gave him the name along with his brothers Sodapop and Darryl.

yes because slang is abundant and their actions depict real life teenagers-smoking, hanging out in gangs,etc.

Ponyboy is his real name, he mentions several times "even says so on my birth certificate"

As far as the reader is aware, he claims his real name is Ponyboy Curtis.

His name is Bob Sheldon His real name is Robert Sheldon Sheldon is his last name

in the book wringer Henry's real name is george

Yes! He is also pretty and i like his hair!

Yes, the book "The Outsiders" is a fictional story, although S.E. Hinton was influenced by gangs and the varying social statuses that existed in her time. She based the story off of real life events but the story is still fictional.

The author of The Name of This Book is Secret is Pseudonymous Bosch, but his real name is Raphael Simon.

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