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Firearms ammo is divided into rimfire, such as .22 Long Rifle ammo, and centerfire, which has a primer in the center of the rear of the cartridge- such as .38 Special, 9mm, .308 Winchester, etc. Soft nosed refers to the composition of the bullet. Rather than having a full jacket of copper/nickel gilding metal (military ammo has that) a soft nosed bullet has the soft lead core exposed at the tip. These are typically used for hunting or self defense.


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No, Centerfire ammunition is a cartridge-type ammunition, where muzzleloaders use separate bullet, powder, and priming charges.

Depedns on what the barrel is marked as to caliber. Could be rim or centerfire.

Federal Premium Ammunition is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliant Techsystems, located in Edina, Minnesota. With a work force of nearly 1,500 in Anoka, Minnesota, Federal manufactures a complete line of shotshell, centerfire, and rimfireammunition and components.

Centerfire ammunition has a round primer at the rear center. Looks like a circle. Rimfire ammo is made with priming material in the folded over rim of the cartridge. It will have a smooth base of the cartridge- may have letters stamped there, but no circle for the primer.

It is a difference in the placement of the priming compound. This compound is sensitive to physical impact, and, being struck by the firing pin, explodes to ignite the gunpowder in the cartridge case. In the rimfire cartridge, the case, made of soft brass, has a folded rim. Primer compound placed inside that folded rim is exploded when the rim is pinched between the firing pin and the mouth of the chamber. Centerfire ammunition has the primer in a pocket at the rear center of the cartridge case. That case has harder brass, and is capable of handling higher pressures than rimfire ammunition. Centerfire ammunition can be reloaded after firing by replacing the primer, powder and bullet. Rimfire ammo is not generally reloadable.

A centerfire rifle is a rifle that is chambered for a centerfire cartridge. Centerfire cartridges are characterized by a primer that is located in the center of the case head, as opposed to inside the rim (which would make it rimfire).

Centerfire pistol and rifle ammunition consists of a case, primer, powder and bullet. Shotgun shells consist of hull, primer, powder, wad and shot.

The location of the primer. In the rim, or at the rear center of the cartridge case. Most centerfire cartridges can be reloaded, most rimfire cannot be.

NO it will not...Remington .30 cal ammunition is rimless....30-30 and 30-06 are both rimmed ammunition and will not fit into a .30 cal Remington pump action rifle.

No- it is neither centerfire nor rimfire, since it does not use cartridges.

There are any number of things NOT found in a centerfire rifle cartridge. However, what WILL be found is a centerfire primer, a cartridge case, powder and bullet.

Some are rimfire, some are centerfire. Depends on the design of the firearm.

In the past year, more Americans have bought firearms than ever before. Many people are concerned that changes in the US government will mean major changes in gun laws, and people have rushed to buy guns- and ammunition. This has resulted in major shortages of ammunition, even though makers are working overtime to meet demands. Stores are gradually replenishing their stocks of ammunition, but when 40 million people start buying ammunition at a record pace, things become hard to find !

No. The terms "rimfire" & "centerfire" should self-explain. On rimfire the priming compound is in the rim of the cartridge and on centerfire the primer with the priming compound is in the center of the cartridge.

Look on the back of the cartridge and if it has a circular primer it is centerfire if i doesnt have anything it is a rimfire shell

A centerfire cartridge has the primer in the middle on the bottom side of the shell, where as the rimfire is the whole bottom.

Not sure, but if you mean centerfire silencer, it is a silencer that works with a centerfire firearm. Centerfire ammo is any ammo that has a primer in the middle of the back of the casing, as opposed to rimfire ammo, where the firing pin hits the edge of the casing.

The question is a little difficult to answer as asked. MANY guns are centerfire. There are a number of calibers available that are rimfire, but the most common currently is a .22 or .17 family of cartridges. Almost all current larger calibers are centerfire.

i don't know all the states but Pennsylvania does has to be CENTERFIRE though 22 hornet is one caliber

There are 22 caliber centerfire cartridges such as the .22 Hornet and others, but ordinary 22 cartridges (short, long, long rifle) are rimfire.

The plural of ammunition is ammunition.

I personally haven't had a problem shooting foreign manufactured ammunition although I have never fired Malaysian ammo. If you are purchasing it through a reputable source (Centerfire Systems or other large distributor) you are likely safe although there are no guarantees in life.

No, it's a rimfire round.

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