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Q: What is solubility of benzanilide?
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What is the procedure of recrystallisation of benzanilide?

using boiling water. benzanilide is insoluble.

How would you convert benzophenone into benzanilide?

benzophenone + NH3OHCl --> benzophenone oxime (+acid) ---> beckmann rearrangement --> benzanilide

What is the reaction of benzoyl chloride with aniline?


What are the physical properties of Benzanilide?

One of the physical properties of Benzanilide is that its melting point is 163 Degrees Celsius. Its boiling point is 117 Degrees Celsius. Benzanilide is in the form of white crystals that are like needles.

Why ethanol is used in recrystallization of benzanilide?

The identity of the solvent that is used in recrystallization is very important because only if the correct solvent is used, will the product be purified and recrystallized as desired. The product, benzanilide, is soluble in hot ethanol, but not in cold ethanol. Any impurities that are expected to arise from the reaction are not soluble in hot ethanol and soluble in the cold ethanol, and thus it is the perfect solvent for the recrystallization process, as only benzanilide is soluble in it and when it is cooled only benzanilide will crystallize out, while any impurities will be left behind in the solution.

What is the uses of Benzanilide?

it is used as an anti-atherosclerotic agent and also in the manufacture of dyes and perfumes.

Synthesis of benzanilide from benzoic acid?

You got it wrong, usullay scientist seprerate benzoic acid from benznilide to purifybenzanille by extraction

What is difference between apparent and intrinsic solubility?

Apparent solubility represents the solubility one observed during the experiment while the intrinsic solubility meant to the real or true solubility.

What is the quality of a substance that allows it to dissolve?

if an object is aqueous it can dissolve

What is the ability of one material to dissolve in another?

The ability of one substance to dissolve in another substance is called SOLUBILITY.

The ability of a substance to dissolve in a solvent is called?

The ability of a solute to dissolve in a solvent at a certain temperature is called solubility. The solubility of most solids in water increases with temperature increases.

What part of speech is solubility?

Solubility is a noun.