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What is some background on carpentry?

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carpentry is dealing with wood

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What is some background information on carpentry?

What is carpentry What is the qualification you got to have What are some of the tool you use in carpentry

What are the tools in carpentry?

There are many tools in carpentry. Some of the main ones are saws, chisels, planes, clamps and sanders.

What field is carpentry in?

Carpentry is in wood working

What kind of labor is carpentry?

Carpentry is working in wood.

What is residential carpentry?

It is carpentry involved with building houses.

What is a table for carpentry called?

what's a carpentry table called

How does carpentry involve math?

in carpentry you multiply the size of wood

Is a chisel a carpentry tool?

A wood chisel is a carpentry tool.

Why interested in carpentry?

Because carpentry is a fascinating and satisfying job

What are carpentry nails made of?

Carpentry nails are made of iron

What is the nearest carpentry school to Madison, WI?

There does not seem to be a carpentry school in Madison, WI. However, some carpentry schools in WI are Milwaukee Area Technical College, Western Technical College, and Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College.

What has the author Frank Keeling written?

Frank Keeling has written: 'Carpentry & joinery' -- subject(s): Carpentry, Joinery 'Constructional carpentry'

What is a sentence for Carpentry?

I'm taking a class in carpentry next semester.

What license do you need for carpentry?

to become a carpenteryou must do an apprenticeship in carpentry it's called cert 3 in carpentry.that allows you to work as a carpenter.

What tools do I need for 2nd fix carpentry?

tools for second fix carpentry

How do you spell carpentry?

That is the correct spelling of "carpentry" (generally, building and working with wood).

Why do you use fractions in carpentry?

Measuring things accurately is a big thing in carpentry.

Where did carpentry originate?

The origins of carpentry are not specifically known as forms of carpentry have existed since ancient times. The word carpenter originated in Middle England.

Does a roofing policy cover carpentry work?

No, You would have to Add the Carpentry classification to your policy and pay the required premium in order to be covered for the performance of carpentry services.

What career pathway does carpentry fall under?

Carpentry falls under Architecture and Construction.

How is carpentry similar to renovating a house?

A lot of house renovating involves carpentry skills.

What is framer carpentry?

The framer carpentry is building the basic structure (foundations, floors, walls and roof).

What jobs require a carpentry license?

A carpentry license is required start a carpentry business. Along with starting a business, a carpentry license is needed for other things, such as making furniture, installing window and door locks, making partition walls, or installing roofing.

What is the definition of 'ISO 91342 class code'?

91342 Carpentry - NOC - Applies when the carpentry operations performed are not described specifically by another construction classification.Generally commercial carpentry

How much a week would you get for carpentry?

I charge $40 an hour for trim carpentry in The Orlando area if that helps