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(Character vs. Character/External)

Percy versus Ms. Dodds

Percy versus his stepfather, Gabe

Percy versus Luke

Percy versus Ares

Percy versus Clarisse

Percy versus Hades


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Q: What is some conflicts in The Lightning Thief?
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What were the conflicts in Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief?

man vs. fate/destiny and man vs. man

What are some themes in The Lightning Thief?

A Lightning Bolt And Posioden's Tritent

What are the conflicts in the novel The Lightning Thief?

The conflict in the book the lightning thief is that Zeus is accusing Percy Jackson son of Poseidon taking his lightning bolt.Now Percy must go on a quest to get Zeus master bolt and bring it him before the summer soloist

What are some personality of Annabeth in the book the Lightning Thief and only from the Lightning Thief not the other Percy Jackson books?


What is the complication of the story The Lightning Thief?

complication of the lightning thief

Is 'The Lightning Thief' fantasy?

Yes, the lightning thief is a fictional tale, a myth, although some say that there are hints of truth throughout.

What is the crisis of the Lightning Thief?

The crisis in the Lightning Thief is when the bolt was stolen from Olympus, which led on to the beginning of the Lightning Thief's story.

Who has seen The Lightning Thief movie?

Most fans of the Percy Jackson series have seen the Lightning Thief movie. However, some people who have not heard of the Percy Jackson series have seen the Lightning Thief too.

What started The Lightning Thief?

The author of the lightning thief is Rick Riordan

What book is better between The Lightning Thief and the Alchemyst?

Lightning Thief

When are The Lightning Thief tryouts?

The lightning thief try-outs are over.

What is nerieds in The Lightning Thief?

the nerieds in the lightning thief are water spirits.

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