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where was anne schraff born? where was anne schraff born?

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Anne Schraff wrote some of the the Blueford High series. She was born on September 25, in South Carolina.

Limited research shows 21 plus some short stories.

* Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 * Anne Frank died in 1945

In 1942 Anne was going to turn 13.She received a diary as a present.

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She wrote it herself. The 'story' is her diary, with some editing. (It is not a work of fiction, which is what the question seems to imply).

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Well there was a lot of important things in Anne Franks life. Pretty much everything was significant but some were...When she got her diary. The day she went into hiding (the fact that she hid for 2 years), when she got arrested...etc...things like that. Just read THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK if you want more information.

Mr.kraler helped the franks and thw vandaans while they were i the annex. along with meip gies who also helped them

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Anne and her family are hearing news about the invasion.

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