What is some information about the deserts of Haiti?

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Haiti has no true deserts.
There are no deserts in haiti
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What is Haiti?

Answer Haiti is a country on an island called Hispanola in the Caribbean. On the other half of the island, the Domincan Republic is established. But even though it's the same land- they are two different countries. If you ever go to Haiti, you will most likely hear people speak French and realize ( Full Answer )

Information on Haiti?

Heres a site that will give all the information you need, I'm sure. It's called www.1227.com

Information about desert plateau?

A desert plateau is simply a desert or arid area with a high elevation. The desert landscape can be loose soil, stony plain or a mixture. Vegetation is short and sparse.. Examples of desert plateau include:. Atacama Desert plateau along Panamerican Highway in northern Chile . Great Basin desert p ( Full Answer )

What are some landmarks in Haiti?

Sans Souci palace, the Citadel, the Iron Market, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, St. Louis Cathedral... I think there's more but I'm not sure

What are some dishes served at a main meal in Haiti?

Akasan Akasan is a popular Haitian drink, mainly served at breakfast. It is prepared either plain or made as a special drink prepared with cream of cornmeal, evaporated milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar, and a pinch of salt. Bouillon Bouillon is served in most Haitian homes on Saturday. ( Full Answer )

What are some Facts about haiti?

Haiti was the first country that was run completely by African slave's. They all attacked their French owners and took over the plantations on the island. Over the next few years they also repelled attacks from both British and French attempts to get the island back

What are some of the plants of the Sahara desert?

Date palms, tamarisks and acacia grow near the wadis and oases on the northern and southern edges of the Sahara Desert. In the centralarid areas, flowering plants sprout up quickly after a rain. Theyproduce seeds that will lay dormant until the next rain. In thedriest areas of the salt flats and san ( Full Answer )

What are some social problems in Haiti?

The two major social problems in Haiti are - poverty. - drug trafficking. This is the result of dictator rule in Haiti, and the government not putting enough effort to stop drug trafficking.

What are some cars in haiti?

The most common cars are BMW MITSUBISHI HONDA VW MAZDA NISSAN Not sure how much of the market share these cars still have but were very popular back in the 70's and 80's PEUGEOT CITROEN DATSUN ( now NISSAN) FIAT POLSKY (at one time) KIA The one thing that is interesting is that the models of the Car ( Full Answer )

How do you get to haiti?

Haiti is not a foreign poverished land on another planet. You can easily get there by either international plane or even a cruise just the same way you can get to maybe Jamaica/ Portugal

Who are some famous people in haiti?

Two of the most famous people in Haiti are Meta Golding andMichelle Jean. Also, Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill both come fromHaiti.

What is there to do in haiti?

There is so much to do in Haiti. The cultural sites aremagnificent. Ride a horse up to the Citadelle Laferriere, thelargest fortress in the Americas whom many consider to be the"Eighth Wonder of the World;" cool off in some of Haiti's hundredsof caves; attend the annual Port-au-Prince Jazz festival; ( Full Answer )

Information on lifestyle of desert people?

Desert are situated between 5 and 30 degrees north and south latitudes on the either side of the equator. Most of the deserts are on the western margins of the continents. In India, we have the Thar Desert. . Desert is lands with out trees. Dessert is sandy areas. As a result of this, life becomes ( Full Answer )

Where are some deserts?

There are several deserts in the world and are scattered all overthe globe. Most people don't realize how numerous deserts reallyare. One fairly well known desert is the Arabian Desert whichstretches from Iraq to Eastern Egypt. Another very well knowndesert, and also the world's largest hot desert, ( Full Answer )

What are some physical features of Haiti?

Third largest country in the Caribbean behind Cuba and The Dominican Republic . Northern region consists of plains, the southern regions of mountains. . Extensive flooding caused by de-forestation

Information about the life of people living in the Thar Desert of India?

The people of Thar Desert are simple and brave. The main occupation of the people in desert is agriculture and animal husbandry. In past years there has been a tremendous increase in human population as well as animal population. This has led to improper control of grazing and extensive cultivation ( Full Answer )

What is some important information about information?

Philosophy suggests that knowledge (or information) can be attained either through external experience (interaction and observation of the outside world) or through logical reasoning (ex: a polygon with three sides also has three angles). One might also argue that some information is known innately ( Full Answer )

Information about a desert eagle bb gun?

There are 5 different models of the Desert Eagle BB gun not including the Baby Desert Eagle. Specify which model and Maker you are asking about. regular BB Gun or AirSoft.

What are some Haiti revolution causes?

Slavery was a part in the revolution, but not all of it, the main cause the the Mulatos (inter racial offspring between African and French) not having voting rights. They had the same rights as the White population with that exception. So they formed an alliance with the slaves and revolted.

Does Haiti have a desert?

I am not sure is any area is a desert if you define a desert as miles and miles of nothing but sand. I have been in areas in the Northwest that have a lot of cacti and what I would call scrub bushes and not much else I would call vegetation. And in sight of the ocean.

What can you do in haiti?

The best thing to do when you go to haiti is visit all the beautiful sites and taste their food. The elegant town called Jacmel has beautiful old palaces to visit while the Musee du Pantheon is a ancient museum in an old stunning mansion atop a hill. Les Cayes is a sea port & town with slopes that g ( Full Answer )

What are some things you can do to help Haiti with disaster relief after the earthquake?

Helping Haiti You can donate any amount of money - whatever you can afford - to a program that helps disaster victims and collects relief aid. To learn more about the different non profits working hard to help Haiti, read the no.stupid.answers blog entry in the Related Links. A quick summary of the ( Full Answer )

What can you do for Haiti?

Beside from going to haiti and helping yourself, you could Donate to Oxfam or send aid boxes with basic medical equipment and food and water

What are some human features of haiti?

Well, I dont know any human featuress but i now some physical futurs... Third largest country in carabeans near cuba and Dominican REepublic

What are some interdependent animals in the desert?

Animals and plants cannot+ not survive in the desert without each other. The relationship between plants and animals is one of interdependence. Animals seek food and shelter through the desert plants and plants need animals to help them pollinate and grow flowers. However the are some interdepended ( Full Answer )

What are some physical characteristics of a desert?

Sand, sand and lots of sand. Possible red sand, oases at a few areas. Mountains of sand that are taller then the Empire state building. And crazy people here and there. JK about last part

What are some ethnic groups in haiti?

80-85% are purely of or mostly African descended. The remaining 15-20% is mostly of mixed race heritage. Some Haitians may have Danish, Polish, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Armenian or Jewish ancestry. Others may have Arab ancestry(primarily Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian a ( Full Answer )

What are some cool facts about Haiti?

Haiti is a Caribbean nation that occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Greater Antilles. Spread over an area of approximately 27,750 square kilometers, the nation has a mountainous landscape, dotted with small coastal plains and river valleys, and e ( Full Answer )

What are some major land features of Haiti?

It's a rugged, mountainous land, dominated by three main massifs ( mountain ranges ) all shown on the map. The highest point is Pic La Steele in the Massif De La Selle. It stands at 8,793 ft. (2,680 m).

What are some great inventions in haiti?

Marc B Auguste Sr Coin and token organizing, holding and dispensing apparatus Conceived as an assisted device for visually impaired persons, this seemingly simple device comfortably fits in the palm of the hand and conveniently holds a multitude of different sized coins which can be extracted by ( Full Answer )

Can you provide some information about deserts?

Primary information : A desert is a landscape or region that receives an extremely low amount of precipitation, less than enough to support growth of most plants. Most deserts have an average annual precipitation of less than 400 millimetres (16 in). A common definition distinguishes between true de ( Full Answer )