Alexander Graham Bell

What is some information on Alexander Graham Bell?

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What were some of Alexander Graham Bell's goals?

what were alexander Graham bell goals for the telephone

Who are some famous Alexanders?

Alexander Hamilton Alexander the Great Alexander Graham Bell

What are some details about Alexander Graham Bell?

Alexander Graham Bell, scientist, inventor and innovator born 1847 died 1922. Inventor of the telephone [1876]

What are some words to explain Alexander graham bell?


Who was Alexander Graham Bell marred to?

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What are some words that describe Alexander Graham Bell?

sometimes discourage

Is Alexander Graham Bell catholic?

No, Bell stated he was an agnostic. Some documents state he was Unitarian/Universalist.

How does the telephone that Alexander Graham Bell invented work?

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What was Alexander Graham Bell best known for?

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Who was Alexander Graham Bell's mom?

Alexander Graham Bell's mother was Eliza Grace Symonds who became Eliza Bell after she married his father, Alexander Melville Bell. She was deaf and had a severe hearing loss. She used an ear trumpet and some signing to communicate.

Who some people Alexander Graham Bell knew?

geroge Washington,justin timber shank,and me

What are the names of some famous acousticians?

Alexander Graham Bell is one of them. Herman Van Helmholtz is another.

Was Alexander Graham Bell part of a research team?

That is uncertain. Rumors said that he was on some kind of a research team.

What is the name of the inventor whose own name was used to name some telephone companies?

Alexander Graham Bell.

Did Alexander Graham Bell have any early failures in his telephone invention?

The only problems with the telephone were some technical difficulties

What inspired Alexander Graham Bell while inventing the telephone?

His wife was deaf and he was trying to find some method to help her.

What were some problems Alexander Graham Bell had to overcome?

You should find out and tell us. i have no idea what the answer is his mom and sister were deaf

What did Alexander Graham Bell?

I believe you are asking what did Alexander Graham Bell invent. Bell made several inventions but the one he is most famous for is the telephone (hence Bell telephone company). Bell also invented many other devices. Some of them include the telegraph a metal jacket to assist in breathing the phonograph the audiometer to detect minor hearing problems and a device to locate icebergs.

What are some famous attractions of Nova Scotia?

Peggy's Cove, Louisbourg, The Citadel, Bay of Fundy, Alexander Graham Bell Museum..

When telephone developed?

There is some controversy over who originally invented the telephone, but Alexander Graham Bell was awarded a patent for the telephone in 1876.

What are some obstacles that Alexander Graham Bell faced?

His mother and wife were deaf, and his two brothers died of tuberculosis during his inventing.

Who are some famous dead scientists?

These are SOME Famous Dead Scientist; Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell.

Who invented the telephone in1876?

Alexander Graham Bell holds the patent for the telephone in 1876 though there is some dispute as to whom was actually first.

What day did Alexander Graham bell invent the telephone?

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Why did Alexander Graham Bell leave the country?

he got invited to visit Boston to teach teachers some of the visible speech which his father invented

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