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What is some place to aviod in cayman island?


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October 08, 2008 6:00PM

The Cayman Islands are fantastic. The crime rate is VERY low. Because the Caymans are such a fabulous scuba diving resort, shop around with different dive shops before committing to instructions and trips. Also check out the coupons in your hotel/resort and neighboring one, plus the news paper. You can get great deals. Also be careful in committing to a purchase of a time share! Buying on the island can be more costly. Also check the current exchange rate. Depending on the strength of the dollar sometimes it is better to exchange your money on the island. The traffic can be a bit diconcerting, seeing they drive on the opposite side. Shop around different rental companies away from the airport (local rental companies are often cheaper than the big chain at the airport. Most resorts/hotels have shuttle service. The middle of the island where a lot of the workers live can seem pretty rural, or closer to George Town less "resort" like.