What is some songs of DBSK?

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There Is Mirotic, (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) Doushite (Japanese), Wrong Number (Korean), Purple Line (Japanese)

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Q: What is some songs of DBSK?
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Does dbsk write their own songs?

DBSK writes most of their songs, or co-writes them. Every member has written a song at least once.

Where can i find the sheet music for DBSK's doushite? can find a bunch of other DBSK songs too. This version might be slightly difficult though...

What are the songs played in DBSK's Dangerous Love?

I only know 2 of them. The song in the beginning is "Love is.." by DBSK. And the song when Yunho hugs Jaejoong in the fanfic imaginating is "Sarang eun him deun ga bwa" from the Drama "My Girl"

When did dbsk debut as a boyband?

DBSK debuted on December 23 2003 with BoA and Brittney Spears. They sang their song Hug Edit: DBSK debuted on December 26th, not 23rd.

Did the dbsk members break up?

Yunho and Changmin are still in DBSK, but Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun have left.

Who is the leaser of DBSK?


Is Arashi better than DBSK?

no, lol.... what kind of question is this? DBSK beats Arashi in every category, lol....

What happened with DBSK members?

the lawsuit concenring DBSK was of unfairness between sleeping time and money. The members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu felt that the paying was unequal between other members. They are on hiatus from DBSK and have separated into another group called JYJ (debut in October 2010). SM entertainment has been accused of inhuman acts from the managers. If you search some stuff on then you will find interviews and videos about DBSK and the lawsuit.

How tall is dbsk?

well if you ever see dbsk then you will know right away when your question comes to you but if you didn't then it is 5.3ft and yeah.

Which dbsk member had a exgirlfriend?

All of them.

Is dbsk splitting up?


What was DBSK's First song?


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